Nearly 70% American-Muslims have voted for Joe Biden

Nearly 70% American-Muslims have voted for Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden while only 17% have voted for the Republican Trump

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Nearly 70% American-Muslims have voted for Democratic Presidential candidate, Joe Biden while only 17% have voted for the Republican candidate and current President Donald Trump, reports the recent survey by Muslim Civil Liberties and Advocacy Organization, a group that advocates for civil liberties in the US.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, an organization fighting for the rights of Muslims, released the data of the 2020 Muslim Voter Presidential Election Exit Poll on Tuesday.


President Trump had received 13% of the Muslim vote in 2016, a 4% more Muslims voted for him this year. The organization has informed that more than one million Muslims have cast their vote this year.

“There is no denying the role of the Muslim community in local, state, and national politics, and now is the time to ask our elected leaders to ensure that all American citizens and religious rights are upheld,” said Robert S. McCaw, CAIR Director of Public Affairs.


Another survey by The Israel Democracy Institute showed that 63% of the Jews voted for President Trump while 17% voted for Biden. The remaining 20% did not know.

Whereas 42% American-Jews believe, the relations between America and Israel will weaken if Biden became the president while only 7% said the relations will improve.

The Pew research in 2017 had forecast that currently, the Muslim population in the USA make 1.1% of the total population, which will surpass the Jewish population by 2040 to become the second-largest religious bloc after Christianity.

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American-Muslims are one of the most ethnically and racially diverse groups. A large segment, 41% of Muslims are identified as white, almost one-third 28% are Asians, one-fifth (20%) are Black and about 8% are Hispanic. American-Muslims largely live in big cities.

The knife-edge US presidential race tilted toward Democrat Joe Biden early Thursday, with wins in Michigan and Wisconsin bringing him close to a majority, but President Donald Trump claimed he was being cheated and went to court to try and stop vote counting.

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