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Friday, May 17, 2024

Neha and Shahbaz Taseer Welcome a New Baby Boy

Distinguished activist and prominent public figure, Shahbaz Taseer, joyfully announced the arrival of his second son with his wife, Neha Taseer.

Shahbaz Taseer and his wife, Neha Taseer, formerly known as Neha Rajpoot, have welcomed another addition to their family, a beautiful baby boy. The news has been met with warm wishes and congratulations from well-wishers and admirers.

The Taseer family is known not only for their social prominence.

Neha Rajput started as a model, collaborating with numerous renowned designers. Additionally, she ventured into acting, featuring in a successful drama alongside Uzair Jaswal. Later, she entered a new chapter in her life by marrying Shahbaz Taseer, who is not only an author but also an activist and businessman and son of murdered politician Salman Taseer.

Neha and Shahbaz got married in 2021. They welcomed their first son in 2022.

Overflowing with happiness, Taseer eagerly turned to Twitter to share this delightful update with their fan base and supporters. In a tweet brimming with joy, he conveyed his elation and playfully asked for well-wishes.


Numerous friends and supporters conveyed their heartfelt felicitations to the couple as they marked this exceptional moment.

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Salman and Neha’s relationship, distinguished by its elegance and allure, has enamored countless admirers.

Although the couple has usually kept their marital life shielded from the public eye, on occasion, they’ve granted their fans glimpses into their shared voyage, fostering a close-knit connection with their followers.