NEPRA approved another increase in electricity price

NEPRA has approved an increase in electricity price of Rs. 8 per unit and the Chairman said that load shedding is inevitable

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As energy crisis were accelerating and rumor of expected increase in electricity prices was already in the air, NEPRA has turned rumors into reality and has approved another increase in electricity price of Rs. 8 per unit.\

Chairman NEPRA said that when there is no production of electricity then it causes load shedding, and it is quite expensive to produce it. He discouraged setting up of power plants on imported fuel.

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Today, NEPRA held a public hearing on the Central Power Purchasing Agency-(CPPA-G) Guaranteed’s request for a tariff adjustment in Discos. The purpose of the meeting was to allow the public and other stakeholders to seek clarification from the regulator and power utility before making a final decision on the tariff adjustment request.

According to CPPA-G, the main cause for the proposed rise in FCA was increasing generation from costly fuels and preceding adjustments. Except for lifeline consumers, the impact of the authorized increase will be passed on to other categories of Discos consumers.

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It will also have an impact on K-Electric (KE) customers to the extent that 1,100 MW would be acquired from the national grid.

Some days ago, NEPRA allowed a Rs5.27 per unit rise in K-Electric (KE) pricing for April 2022 under the monthly FCA process, with a financial impact of Rs10.157 billion to be recovered in July 2022 bills.

Except for lifeline consumers, the FCA will apply to all consumer groups. KE had sought an increase of Rs5.307 per unit, having an impact of Rs10.216 billion for April 2022.

Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaf has commented on this recent acceptance in a tweet that The imported and slave government has increased the electricity rates by Rs. 7.90 paisa per unit. On the one hand, this imposed government is forgiving its cases by giving itself NRO, on the other hand, the worst economic exploitation of the people is going on.

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