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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

NESTLÉ MILKPAK to donate half a million glasses of milk

Since the COVID-19 crisis-hit Pakistan, Nestle has pledged to donate products and cash in order to play its part during the lockdown. As part of its 100 million commitment to curb the pandemic, NESTLÉ MILKPAK will donate half a million glasses of milk in collaboration with its dairy industry partners.

The current crisis of COVID-19 has brought forward NESTLÉ MILKPAK to donate half a million glasses of milk throughout the country. This initiative stems from Nestlé Pakistan’s earlier commitment of Rs 100 million worth of nutritious products in the national response to COVID-19 pandemic.

Several dairy industry partners have made it possible for NESTLÉ MILKPAK to donate so substantially. These include, Tetra Pak Pakistan, Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt Ltd, Interloop Ltd & Interloop Holdings, Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din & Sons Pvt Ltd and Texo Poly Industries Pvt Ltd.

Jason Avancena, Business Executive Officer, Dairy, Nestlé Pakistan, explained the operational details. He said, “We will be providing NESTLÉ MILKPAK to food delivery organizations serving vulnerable communities to meet their nutritional needs. NESTLÉ MILKPAK will be part of the ration bags being distributed to these communities by government departments and non-government organizations.”

Comments from the partnering dairy industries

Jorge Montero, Managing Director of Tetra Pak Pakistan appreciated the underlying intention of the cause. He said, “This donation perfectly echoes Tetra Pak’s vision of making food safe and available, everywhere.”

An official from Bulleh Shah Packaging Pvt. Ltd also explained their role in the case. “Bulleh Shah Packaging through Packages Foundation is pleased to partner with Nestlé, committing packaging of 500,000 packets of NESTLÉ MILKPAK 250ml in corrugated trays for free distribution to beneficiaries. Together we can make a difference in creating a better tomorrow.”

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Musadaq Zulqarnain, Chairman Interloop Limited & Interloop Holdings then highlighted the efforts his entity undertook. “As a responsible corporate, Interloop group has taken multiple initiatives to support the underprivileged communities during COVID-19 pandemic.” He added, “As part of the partnership with Nestlé Pakistan, Interloop Welfare Trust has donated 50,000 litres of milk for people in need.”

Meanwhile, Farhaj Sarwar, Director Sheikh Noor-Ud-Din & Sons Pvt. Ltd. (HSNDS) said, “During these unprecedented times, HSNDS provides 10,000 liters of pure milk to Nestlé so they can distribute to the community. We also provided almost 12,000 face masks to Punjab Police to keep the front-line heroes safe in these critical times.”

Emphasizing on how important the availability of food was for those in need, Usman Malik, Director Texo Poly Industries Pvt. Ltd. stressed, “This pandemic has defined the difference between essential and non-essential, food is essential and there are many who are in need of it.”

Waqar Ahmad, Head of Corporate Affairs, Nestlé Pakistan added, “At Nestlé, we care deeply for people and for the communities in which we operate, and we believe we have an essential role to play during the COVID-19 crisis”.

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Nestlé’s efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic so far

Nestlé Pakistan’s 100 million commitment to the COVID-19 crisis is now making major strides, with several projects in the pipeline. Earlier, Nestlé Pakistan stepped up its national response to the COVID-19 pandemic by partnering with Pakistan Red Crescent Society (PRCS). Their motive was to promote the well-being of all age groups during the pandemic; particularly in Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK).

Overall, the partnership will include improving handwashing practices widely to prevent transmission of COVID-19. Moreover, they also aim to improve access and utilization of essential and quality hygiene aids to vulnerable communities.

Secondly, the company has also partnered with leading non-governmental organizations working for the cause. These include AkhuwatSaylani Welfare International TrustShahid Afridi Foundation, Salman Sufi Foundation and RIZQ.

In collaboration with them, Nestlé Pakistan’s products have been donated to government and non-government organizations, to cover all bases. These products include 4 million servings of milk, iron-fortified dairy products, baby cereals, water and juices; they will incorporate the latter in ration bags prepared in response to COVID-19 emergency appeals for deserving people across Pakistan.

Nestlé Pakistan is working tirelessly to ensure the provision of food and beverage products for consumers across Pakistan. This is in commitment to the strategic roadmap laid out by Prime Minister Imran Khan and respective provincial leaderships. Now that Nestlé Pakistan’s 100 million commitment has begun operations, they hope to play an essential role to mitigate the COVID-19 crisis.

According to the data collected by John Hopkin University, the number of infected people by COVID-19 is rising day by day, making Pakistan the 20th most-affected country from the virus. The cases of infectious disease have surged to more than 37,000 with 803 deaths across the country. Due to the burgeoning needs of the masses during the lockdown, the government is compelled to ease the curfew-like situation. The relaxation in the lockdown amid the ongoing pandemic could create an alarming situation for the country.