Netizens blame PML-N jalsa for Kotla fire

According to Twitter users, the fire broke out in Kotla due to fireworks in PML-N jalsa. However, Dawn reported the incident occurred on Kalla Chitta mountain in Attock when the local villagers lit a fire.

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A fire broke out in the fields near PML-N jalsa in Kotla town of Gujrat, where PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz and Punjab Chief Minister Hamza Shahbaz addressed a rally on Sunday.

According to sources, the fire was caused by fireworks used at the jalsa. Locals said their wheat crops had been turned into ashes when they were ready to harvest.

Reportedly, the fire brigade and Rescue 1122 brought the fire under control.

As a result, PTI critics slammed PML-N on Twitter, saying that the party was a ‘disaster’ and that it has ‘punished Kotla through fireworks.’

Fire erupted in Kalla Chitta mountain: Dawn

However, Dawn reported that the incident occurred on Kalla Chitta mountain near village Guggan in Fatehjang tehsil of Attock, quoting the local forest department, which said it was apparently lit by people living in the village.

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It said the forest department and Rescue 1122 reached the spot after going through a rough terrain where the fire was causing damage to the forest area.

But they could not take fire extinguishing equipment to the spot due to the difficult landscape. Using tree branches, the staffers succeeded in controlling the flames from further damaging the green area.

According to District Emergency Officer Ali Hasnain, the fire had engulfed a large area. Smoke emitting from the fire could be seen from a distance of 20 kilometres in Attock, Fatehjang, and other towns of the district.

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Hasnain said soon after getting information, a 30-member team of rescue workers along with officials of the forest department launched an operation.

He said as the fire erupted on the top of the hills, it was inaccessible for fire tenders, and manual methods were utilised to avert the further spread of the flames. He said the personnel were monitoring the situation.