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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Netizens call new video of Maryam Nawaz a ‘drama’

"What a big drama queen. She's got her mascara in a twist and everyone thinks she's capable of tears," wrote a Twitter user.

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Netizens are calling the new video of Maryam Nawaz a ‘drama’. Twitter user Saad Kaiser shared the video. Users mocked him when he said Maryam Nawaz got emotional on a patriotic song.

The video showed a song being played in the background. PMLN leader Maryam Nawaz sang along with the song in the video. She was also seen wiping her eyes. Later, as the song finished she stood up and clapped.

Twitter user Saad Kaiser shared with her the video of Maryam Nawaz and claimed that the song brought tears to her eyes. She was wiping the tears from her eyes.


Nobody noticed but Maryam Nawaz had tears in her eyes while listening to “Yeh Watan”. “She cares for Pakistan! The sad part is, PML-N always came in power during tough economic times, the good part is, PML-N always delivered on time! We can and we will! @MaryamNSharif,” wrote Asad Qaiser in his tweet.

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His tweet went viral and netizens started mocking him and Maryam Nawaz. A barrage of comments poured in on Twitter. Some said Maryam Nawaz once again imitated Imran Khan. A video of Imran Khan singing along with the song at a public rally was also shared on social media.

Others called it a drama of Maryam Nawaz. Irked with the comments, Kaiser again said: “I see a lot of PTI supporters getting offended after watching this video. How about you guys

go and defend your pinky’s 5-carat diamond ring? Since that’s your next “task”. Diamond Ring ke liye MULK bechnay waalo, kis muu say baat kartay ho? Wadday aye.”

“Yeah It’s True Nobody Noticed That Maryam Safdar Is Good Damn And Brilliant Actor And She Know Very Well When And Where And How To Use Her Crocodile’s Tears So Everyone Plz Give Her A Round Of Applause !! There Should Be No Stinginess At All,” said another Twitter user.