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Monday, May 29, 2023

Netizens mock Indian Army over claim of ‘Yeti’ discovery

Yeti, the folkloric creature is considered as a myth by scientists for the lack of evidence.

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The Indian Army is being ridiculed on social media after it claimed to have discovered the footprints of mysterious Yeti.

On Monday, Indian Army tweeted to its 6 million followers on Twitter that it found the footprints of the Yeti, sharing the pictures of the footprints, this time as evidence to their claims. The tweet read, “mysterious footprints of [the] mythical beast”.

The Indian Army claimed that the footprints measured 81 x 38 cm (32 x 15 inches) were discovered close to Makalu base camp in the Himalayas. The Indian Army also shared the picture of expedition team who discovered those footprints…

Yeti is a folkloric ape-like snowman creature said to exist in the Himalayas, Siberia, Central, and Eastern Asia. But scientists have regarded it as a legend on the basis of its lack of evidence.

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The tweet by Indian Army, however, prompted to the flurry of flak from netizens who rebuked the Indian Army for propagating theories that have been debunked by the scientists in the past. The hashtag of #Yeti became the top trend on Twitter on Tuesday. People roasted Indian Army for posting the picture of one-footed Yeti on social media.





“What the hell is wrong with you guys?” one person replied. “Just look at those pics for heaven’s sake. That’s not a bipedal. Couldn’t you guys call a single animal expert before posting this? Unless you are claiming your yeti walks on a single foot and travels by jumping,” wrote one user in a reply to the tweet.


It was a Bear, Nepal Army Rejects Indian Claim

The Nepali government and the porters accompanying the Indian Army expedition team have debunked the claims of Indian Army discovering the Yeti, saying that such kind of footprints frequently appear in that area and were the footprints of a wild bear.

“A team of Indian Army had noticed the footprints and our liaison team was together with them… We tried to ascertain the fact, but locals and porters claimed that it is the footprints of wild bear that frequently appear in that area,” Nepal Army spokesperson, Brigadier General Bigyan Dev Pandey, told the Indian Publication.