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Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Netizens react to bizarre ‘korma’ recipe posted by UK food channel

Pakistani social media users are reacting to one pot chicken korma recipe posted by the popular online food channel Tasty UK.

Netizens say they cannot relate to the chicken korma recipe posted by the UK channel. The recipe for chicken korma posted by the UK channel included basmati rice, spinach, tomato, raisins, and chicken cubes that do not resonate with the original and traditional chicken korma recipe of South Asian origin.

Hilarious comments spurred on Twitter as netizens commented on the post. “God this is worse than the time you colonized us for 200 years,” wrote one Twitter user.

Netizens expressed their bizarre over the calling of the dish ‘korma’.

Another one said, “First thing why they didn’t saute the onions? I’m personally offended & by their audacity to call it korma.”

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Chicken Korma is a widespread meat dish in the subcontinent. The original is made with yogurt and spices to make the curry after which chicken is added to the curry to be cooked.

Over time, innovations have been introduced to the dish; the basic ingredients have remained the same.

Not just from Pakistan, outright condemnation of the recipe poured in from India as well. “Everyone’s mad at this, but honestly we should be lying to white people about how to cook our foom, that’s right William Buckshire add another cup of raisins,” wrote another Twitter user.

Korma traces its origin back to the Mughlai cuisine of the Indian subcontinent. According to many food historians, Korma has probably derived from the Persian Koresh. It is said that if a cook was able to cook Korma he was eligible to cook for the Mughal court; if he could cook it with variations he was considered the king of the kitchen and cook for the emperor’s table says Pat Chapman the English food writer, in his book India Food and Cooking.