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Saturday, April 13, 2024

New development in Arshad Sharif murder case

New development in the case reveals that American instructors were present at shooting site where Arshad Sharif was last seen.

In a new development, it is revealed that at AmmoDump Shooting Range, where Arshad Sharif spent his final night before being killed by Kenyan police, there were about 10 American instructors and students who were US citizens.

According to a reputable Kenyan government official, Sharif dined on October 22 and 23 with other visitors to the location, including American instructors. On October 23, at 8 p.m., Sharif departed AmmoDump Kwenia Range, also known as Ammodump Shooting Range, with his host Khurram, the brother of Waqar Ahmad, for Nairobi. After an hour, he was shot to death.

Pakistani investigators have asked in writing to the Kenyan authorities to provide “names and contact details of the instructors and trainers who were getting training at AmmoDump Training Camp at the time of the shooting” but did not name nationality of the instructors and trainees.

The Kenyan government has urged Khurram and Waqar to disclose complete information on everyone who was on the scene that night, including their identities and the circumstances surrounding their attendance.

The Kenyan source claimed that the East African nation’s government was addressing Pakistan’s request.

Before one from the AmmoDump shooting range connects to Nairobi, there are two roads that lead to Tinga. One is near the main entrance on the right, and the other travels to the left and goes via the shooting range.

Khurram usually used the one that passes through the shooting range. A worker at the site who spoke in confidence as they are not authorised to address the media said: “He usually goes through this side but on that day, they used the opposite direction.”

They may have reached their destination more quickly if they had taken the customary route instead of the one they took the night Sharif was slain.

AmmoDump Kwenia Range promotes itself as a “paradise” where activities including shooting drills, weekend camping, spot shooting, bicycling trails, managed cottages, archery and off-roading, game drives, and farm tours are provided.

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According to its website, AmmoDump Limited is a Kenyan-registered business whose parent firm, AmmoDump Securities Incorporated, is a Canadian corporation with an Ontario registration. Its website boasts: “We specialise in Defence and Security equipment. AmmoDump was formed in 2015 by a group of likeminded individuals who sought to combine best-in-class brands, assets and people within the complex risk management industry.”

According to rumours, AmmoDump’s associates deal in weapons and cooperate with numerous arms manufacturers.

Waqar and Khurram have not talked to the media, but according to their attorney, the brothers are assisting the investigating team.

Khurram and the Kenyan police initially claimed that Sharif’s death was the result of “mistaken identity” and that the journalist’s car had been fired upon while it was moving, but the police later changed their story to claim that the police retaliated after shots were fired from inside Sharif’s vehicle.

Khurram has not yet reacted to the police’s on its statement, but according to his lawyer, he has been told not to speak to the media or answer questions until the inquiry is over.

The Pakistani investigators have additionally requested that the Kenyan Police, Khurram, and Waqar reveal the identities, ranks, and contact information of the police officers engaged in the shooting event, as well as the call details and dates of all involved officers. Geo-fencing information at the scene of the crime; a ballistic report related to the shooting; any records pertaining to the movement of officers from GSU Headquarters to the shooting incident; a sketch of the crime scene; the initial statements of the accused officers; and the call information of the witnesses Waqar, his wife Morin Waqar, and Khurram.

The Ahmad brothers have also been asked by investigators looking into the journalist’s death to submit CCTV footage of the apartment in Nairobi where Sharif resided and the training facility outside of Nairobi where he was last seen alive before his untimely death.