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Monday, May 20, 2024

New Zealand Police introduce hijab for Muslim officer uniforms

New Zealand Police has introduced hijab in their uniforms in an effort to make the Police service more inclusive

New Zealand Police has introduced hijab in their uniforms in an effort to make the Police service inclusive with respect to the demographics of the community. The amendments have been made to help the people meet their personal needs as well as their profession.

Muslim girl Zeena Ali, 30, has become the first Police officer to wear a uniform with a hijab. Ali had decided to join the Police force after a horrific attack on Christchurch Mosque killing nearly 50 Muslim worshippers.

New Zealand Police has introduced a specially designed hijab after consultation with Ali. The officials state the decision will reduce crime and allow Muslim officers to serve while appropriately meeting their personal needs.

Ali voiced her gratitude for the decision of the New Zealand Royal Police for introducing a specially designed uniform with a hijab for her.

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The Royal New Zealand Police College Staff arranged for her special Halal meals and made a prayer room available for her during her trains, said the social media of New Zealand Police.


“When I had to go swimming I was able to wear long sleeves — a full swimsuit.”

“It was when I was just training to get into police, that the Christchurch terror attack happened and if I was a fully-fledged constable then I would have gone down to support the victims and their families.”

She believes the move will encourage other Muslim women to join the Police force. “Having a police-branded hijab means women, who may not have previously considered policing, can do so now. It’s great how the police incorporated my religion and culture.”


While talking to the New Zealand Herald, she said the inclusion of Muslim women in the Police force will give a sense of security to other Muslim females who are otherwise afraid of talking to men.

Muslim women were “too scared to talk to the police and would probably shut the front door if a man turned up to talk to them”. Hence if more Muslim women show up in the diverse front line then it could reduce more crime.

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Earlier, the New Zealand Police said on its page that they “recognize the value different perspectives and experiences bring to making [them] better at what [they] do”, and that “diversity is essential” in serving the needs of distinct communities.