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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nida Yasir doesn’t know about formula one cars, asks bizarre questions

An old video of Nida Yasir interviewing students of NUST who had created a Formula One-styled Car has been circulating on social media. Twitteratis are mocking Nida Yasir for her bizarre questions reflecting her lack of knowledge.

Morning show host, Nida Yasir, has been garnering mockery on social media as she is seen clueless about Formula One cars in an old video resurfaced online on social media.

The video shows the host had invited the students of NUST who had created a Formula One-styled Car and were heading to participate in an event in the USA representing Pakistan. As the show goes on, she asked bizarre questions from the students that reflected her complete lack of knowledge about the Formula One racing cars.

At the beginning of the video, Nida Yasir asked if they have initially made the ‘formula’ and will test it later.

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She asked questions about how many people can be seated in the car. The student replied one. Then she asked if they will make Formula One car that will seat two people. She asked if the Formula One cars run at the same speed as the normal cars that run on petrol. Then she asked if they had installed horns in the car.

Hosts should do their homework before interviews

The video has been doing rounds on social media as netizens voice their bewilderment at the host’s lack of knowledge about the Formula One cars. Netizens said that hosts should research the subject before interviewing people on national television.

Others commented that this is a general trend as most of the news anchors and presenters are often clueless about the subjects they are talking about. However, this is not the first time Nida Yasir had been mocked for her bizarre faux passes.

Earlier, she was trolled massively on social media for dressing up like a popular Turkish character, Halime Sultan.

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A picture of Nida Yasir wearing an identical dress and headgear to Turkish actress, Esra Bilgic who played Halime Sultan in the series, wore. Yasir was seen wearing similar blue-toned traditional attire with antique headgear.