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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Nikkah scenes, marriage in dramas valid in real life: Religious scholar

Social media is in uproar after Ulemas called on-screen Nikkah and marriage scenes in dramas as valid. One of the Ulemas in a religious show claimed that if two actors enact a scene of Nikkah in the drama, then their marriage would be considered valid in real life.

The statements have triggered a debate on social media. Netizens and celebrities are heavily weighing on the subject. Some are raising serious questions while some of the users are posting hilarious comments on the viral video.

Actress and model Nadia Hussain released her statement on Instagram in which she disagreed with the statements of the Ulema. She emphasized that the depiction of a nikkah (Islamic marriage) in television dramas is entirely fictional. Additionally, she highlighted the inclusion of fabricated names, witnesses, and signatures in these fictional scenes, stating that this portrayal does not accurately represent a genuine marriage ceremony.

Nadia also raised concerns about the potential danger of religious scholars on TV unintentionally legitimizing illegitimate marriages through their statements, which could create a problematic precedent.

Joining the discussion, rapper and musician Ali Gul Pir hilariously commented that uttering the phrase, “Say pencil, your marriage canceled” would lead to divorce. Actress Ushna Shah commenting on the video post on X posted a hilarious comment. “Time for an awkward conversation with my husband,” said Ushna Shah in a tweet.



The user playfully extended congratulations to Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan, joking about their supposed marriage in real life. They then questioned how seriously the community could be taken when such humorous claims are made. Another user, X, shared images of Mahira with both Fawad Khan and Shah Rukh Khan, commenting that Mahira’s alleged husbands are attractive.

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One user posted a picture of Bollywood actor Salman Khan, jokingly suggesting that he’s no longer single. Another commenter criticized TV religious figures for conducting fake nikkah ceremonies with fictional names, highlighting the mockery it makes of religion.