“No Appeasement”:Shireen Mazari praised for her stance against extremism

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In the latest development, Dr. Shireen Mazari, Minister for Human Rights, has categorically stated that the policy of appeasement to avoid bloodshed will send a dangerous message to the non-state actors. The minister shared her thoughts on how “appeasement historically never worked”, citing the example of the 1938 Munich pact in which Britain and France told Nazi Germany they would not object to its annexation of parts of former Czechoslovakia.

“Appeasement to avoid ‘bloodshed’ in a war-weary Europe led to massive bloodshed and destruction in the form of World War II,” Mazari said.

The Munich agreement was one of a number of pacts signed between 1934-39 to appease Nazis. The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, signed on August 23, 1939 ─ a non-aggression agreement between Adolf Hitler’s Germany and Joseph Stalin’s Soviet Union ─ also contained a secret agreement between the two countries to carve up Poland. It led to the Nazi invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, widely regarded as the start of World War II.

 Dr. Mazari has given a hope that the government is serious to deal with the challenge of extremism in Pakistan and it will never get blackmailed by the mobs in future.

She further said that she was hopeful that Prime Minister Imran Khan would ensure Rule of Law as per his commitment. “I trust PM Khan to deliver on his commitment to Rule of Law, Constitution & defence of state institutions as well as to human rights guaranteed in Constitution – not just in present situation but also on issues like Enforced Disappearances,” she said.

It is important to mention here that the PTI government is under attack for signing an agreement with religious extremists. According to details, on 31st October the SC acquitted Asia Bibi and reversed the orders of the lower courts. After the announcement of SC verdict, supporters of the TLP took to the street in Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi and sealed off the cities.

The leaders of the TLP and other religious parties reportedly demanded the resignation of the Prime Minister, Judges who were part of a three-member bench, and suspension of the verdict of the top court. Initially, the government did not pay any attention to the protesters across the country. But then Prime Minister spoke to the nation and urged people not to become a part of those threatening the writ of the state.

The Munich agreement was one of a number of pacts signed between 1934-39 to appease Nazis.

PM Khan also made it clear that it was the responsibility of the state to protect the life, property and liberty of people and if anyone tries to disrupt the order, the state will be in action. But later on, the government and the TLP reached to an agreement to end three-day long protest across the country. The government gave some concessions to the protesters and urged them to call off the protest which had paralyzed urban centers for last three days.

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According to the details, the government has agreed to initiate legal process to place the name of Asia Bibi on the exit control list (ECL). The government has also agreed not to oppose a review petition to be filed by the TLP against the verdict. It is further agreed that the government will release all the persons arrested in connection with the ongoing protests. Interestingly, the TLP has, in turn, apologized if it “hurt the sentiments or inconvenienced anyone without reason”.

After the tweet by Dr. Mazari, analysts and commentators praised her stance and hoped that the present government will look into what went wrong.

Earlier the perception on social media was that the TLP would again blackmail the sitting government since the government had signed an agreement with a mob, threatening the state institutions and inciting violence. This perception became more relevant and meaningful when Khadim Rizvi tweeted and said that “we have not finished protest but suspended it till the hearing of review petition. If Asia case is not heard in the light of Sharia,we have every right to resume our peaceful protest.

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In the meanwhile, Asia’s name must remain on ECL & any attempt2transport her abroad be avoided.” Dr. Mazari, while replying to social media user, informed that government had requested Twitter to suspend Rizvi’s Twitter handle on the account of threatening the state and institutions after the citizens on Twitter demanded users to report Rizvi’s account.

Social Media Platform, on government’s request, suspended the Twitter account of Khadim Rizvi. Dr. Mazari has given a hope that the government is serious to deal with the challenge of extremism in Pakistan and it will never get blackmailed by the mobs in future.


This has given strength to the PTI which had lost credibility on social media where users accused Mr. Khan for backtracking from his claims about the supremacy of constitution and rule of law.


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