No deal with Establishment – Imran Khan

In a press conference, former Prime Minister Imran Khan revealed the real reason for calling off the Azadi March. Moreover, he rejected rumors of striking a deal with the Establishment.

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PTI Chairman Imran Khan has rejected the rumors that he ended the Azadi March after a deal with the Establishment. In fact, he ended the Azadi March to avoid bloodshed in Islamabad.

To clarify, the much anticipated and very happening Azadi March was cut short after Imran Khan called it off. After reaching Islamabad, Imran Khan gave an ultimatum to the government to dissolve the assemblies and announce fresh elections.

However, his decision to end the long march came as a shock, especially after all the protestors had to endure, for instance, the tear gas shelling and police beatings. As a result, rumors made the round that Imran Khan may have struck a deal with the Establishment in exchange for ending the Azadi March. Now, the PTI leader has rejected the rumors and clarified the air.

The former Prime Minister made the comments while addressing a press conference in Peshawar. He said he witnessed anger among the masses after the police crackdown on party leaders across major cities.

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“I had observed the anger among the people against the police after what they did to stop the march, and there was a fear that if we continue to march as announced, the country would plunge into chaos and anarchy,” Imran Khan said.

PTI will never accept “imported government”

Imran Khan also made it clear that the PTI would not negotiate with or accept the “imported government”.

“I think of this as a jihad. I will stand up against this as long as I am alive,” he said, reiterating that he only cared about the future of the country. Moreover, he also slammed the government for the “brutal” crackdown against the protesters.

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On the other hand, PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz hit back at Imran Khan as he explained the reasons for calling off the march.

“Fitna Khan’s blabbering is nothing but a confession of embarrassment and failure. Contrary to the claim of 3 million, he could not even gather 20,000, and the mental condition of the poor person has become pitiable. The people recognized him and rejected him. A revolution makes its own way, it does not stop because of the police,” Maryam Nawaz tweeted while implying that the police may have frightened off Imran Khan.