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‘No More’: PM Khan gives befitting reply to Trump’s tirade

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PM Imran Khan on Monday, while responding to Donald Trump’s statement has reminded US president of suffering Pakistan bore due to America’s war on terror, saying the US should do the assessment on why despite its efforts, Taliban are stronger than before.

President Trump earlier on Sunday once again defended his administration’s decision of halting hundreds of millions of dollars military aid to Pakistan, saying the country does not do ‘a damn thing for us’.

Speaking to Fox News’ Chris Wallace during an interview, Trump alleged that Islamabad helped the then leader of Al Qaida, Osama Bin Laden to hide in the country.

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Prime Minister Khan through twitter schooled President Trump at the US failure in Afghanistan, even though the US had invested a lot in the form of finance and troops in the war.

In a scathing reply to Trump, PM Khan mentioned the loss Pakistan had to face and still is paying the price of war that the US had initiated for its personal interests.

“Pakistan suffered 75,000 casualties in this war & over $123 bn was lost to economy. US “aid” was a miniscule $20 bn,” said the premier.

“Our tribal areas were devastated & millions of ppl uprooted from their homes. The war drastically impacted lives of ordinary Pakistanis. 4. Pak continues to provide free lines of ground & air communications (GLOCs/ALOCs).Can Mr Trump name another ally that gave such sacrifices?” PM Khan asked.

The PM was not alone as many others joined in to defend their nation through social media.

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Some analysts assert that Trump could be using a diversion strategy. Trump’s party the Republicans were hammered in the recent American midterm elections. Trump is already in hot water over the links to Russian attempts to subvert the American elections and his woes have been increased with a Democrat majority now in the House bent on investigating the allegations. Trump’s recent attack on Pakistan could simply be a way to deflect public attention.

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  1. Imran khan is repeating the lies of all Pakistani govts. It is like a broken record playing. Why don’t you admit that Pakistan gave safe entry into Pakistan from Tora Bora while cheating the Americans. You guys never fought Taliban. You gave arms, ammunition, health care and safe haven to Taliban. You guys befooled Americans fully. Pity that US understood ur sinister game very late. What sacrifices are you talking about. Pakistan is guilty for deaths of thousands of US soldiers. No punishment is enough to punish a rogue nation like yours. You people have been carrying out a covert war against US forces in Afghanistan. Please watch the interviews of General Hamid Gul. Pakistan has rightly become a pariah on world stage. Thousands of Shias are being killed regularly in their mosques in Pakistan by Sunni fanatics. Iran has become your enemy number one. Pakistan is guilty of the terrible devastation and deaths of thousands of Afghans. Afghanistan has been laid waste by Taliban supported by Pakistan. Afghans hates Pakistan. They love India and Indians. India has rebuilt Afghanistan. India has built roads hospitals schools dams power generation plants in Afghanistan. Whereas Pakistan has acted as the worse enemy of Afghanistan. You never allowed the freedom to Afghanistan to act as a sovereign nation. You always tried to usurp it as your fifth province. Then you expect Afghanistan to love Pakistan just because both are Muslim countries. How idiotic. As regards India nothing needs be said. Pakistan has waged four wars on India and all the four wars were lost by Pakistan. You lost half your country in 1971. Yet you people have not learnt your lessons. Now Pakistan has been reduced to a basket case. You are going around the world with a begging bowl. Except China there is no other real friend of Pakistan. China also is friendly not for your sake but to keep India in perpetual imbalance by propping up Pakistan as India’s enemy. Pakistan is approaching end of the road very fast. But you people either don’t care about it or you are simply blind to this moment of truth. Don’t expect any leniency from US or Trump now. US has recognised your sinister role in Afghan war fully.

  2. We all know what india is doing in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Kalboshan Yadev is its big example. India should focus on building roads and infrastucture in its own country, why trying destablizing regional peace via promoting cross border terrorism from Afghan border. Instead of dialogue Indian govt is refusing to sit with Pakistan and devising petty excuses just to avoid all that. Amazing, a country like india has no good relations with its neighbor countries and ruining lives of its own people just to make some powers happy, India is still not independent as it is working as a puppet in the cold war among super powers. Pakistan learned its lesson; its upto India to get itself out timely and support regional peace and harmony for everyones sake. India should stop state terrorism in Kashmir and should work towards peaceful solution. We love our people across the border; keeping aside differences and working together should be our goal so our next generations should know only peace. Pakistan and India never realized the policy of Divide and rule that was imposed on them. United these two nations can uplift the region and can become superpowers.

  3. Ajay Kumar is an asshole who doesn’t know a fig of reality and repeating the clichés of some dolts. India should provide Justice to the innocent Kashmiris in first place, then build toilets and roads for their filthy and stinking Hindus…….

  4. Ajay kumar please built bathrooms in ur country instead of building roads n hospital n Afghanistan moreover ur pm modi the fanatic canvassing for election using anti Pakistan rhetoric ur defence ur everything is because of pak n whatever we had done we r proud of it so don’t give us lessons n sermons


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