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Saturday, April 13, 2024

No Papa Jani for you: Molty Foam Sued Diamond Foam for Using its Trademark

The marketing campaign between the two arch-rivals Diamond Supreme Foam and Master Molty Foam took an aggressive turn and ended up in the court. Both companies want the love of Papa Jani.

Master Molty Foam sued its competitor Diamond Foam for using its symbolic phrase ‘Papa Jani’ in their recent advertisement. The court has restricted Diamond Supreme Foam from using the phrase Papa Jani in their advertisements, granting victory to Master Molty Foam.

Diamond Supreme Foam, in their recent advertisement, had used the term, featuring Mehwish Hayat and Ali Zafar. Mehwish Hayat played wife in the ad, expressed annoyance when husband Ali Zafar ordered Diamond Supreme Foam mattress online without checking its quality in real. Hayat argued with Zafar for ordering a mattress of another brand instead of a brand recommended by her father ‘Papa Jani’, referring to Master Molty Foam. In this ad, they tried to convey the message that “papa Jani’s mattress” is not better than Diamond Supreme Foam.

Zafar convinced Hayat that the Diamond Supreme mattress is better in quality. Hayat is seen convinced with Zafar’s decision and expressed her contentment as soon as she sat on the Diamond Supreme Foam mattress. Zafar informed that they will also offer post services to their customers in case of any problem.

As soon as the advertisement hit the screen, Master Molty Foam contacted PEMRA urging it to restrict Diamond Supreme Foam using the phrase in its advertisement.

Not only this, Diamond Supreme Foam even put up billboards in various cities, with a message ‘Dear Papa Jani, I have switched to Diamond Supreme Foam, with Love’ inscribed on it. This, however, added fuel to fire.

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Then Diamond Supreme Foam put up another billboard with a message of Father to daughter, ‘Dear beti., Aram ka Naam He Hai Diamond Supreme Foam’. Diamond Supreme Foam has taken on an aggressive marketing campaign against Master Molty Foam.


Even social media users could not resist trolling the fiasco between the two toughest competitors Diamond Supreme Foam and Master Molty Foam.

On the other hand, even Master Molty Foam’s advertisement of father gifting the daughter a mattress in her marriage was flaked for boasting the concept of dowry. The ad enforced an idea that a father thinks Master Molty Foam will take care of his daughter the same way as him in her ‘Susral‘.

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Diamond Supreme Foam used this concept in their ad with a twisted message that not Master Molty Foam but Diamond Supreme Foam will provide the daughter best comfort at her in-laws.