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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

No truth in regime change conspiracy: US ambassador Bloom

The assertions of a regime transition are false, according to Donald Bloom, the US ambassador to Pakistan, who called PTI's claims "unfortunate".

The assertions of a regime transition are false, according to Donald Bloom, the US ambassador to Pakistan, who called PTI’s claims “unfortunate”.

The ambassador claimed in an interview that Pakistan and the US had a strong, long-standing connection.

“We want to see an independent, prosperous and strong Pakistan. That’s what we believe is in our interest and in the interest of the region. As for the allegations, there is absolutely no truth in that. The United States has spoken to them [Pakistain govt] here and in Washington. I am hopeful that we can get past this and back into the important work that we have to do, to work together on some issues right now facing the world and our two countries,” he said.

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Bloom answered to the query on Washington’s frequently debated demand for air bases in Pakistan: “I can tell you there were no discussions about air bases, one way or another.”

He also used the term “no discussions, at all, about the bases” since he assumed charge of the office in Pakistan.

“I am here for the last four months and this has not been an issue on my agenda. Our agenda here is pretty clear,” the ambassador said.

“It has to do with building and broadening economic, trade and investment relationships and working on climate change, which has obviously become a pressing issue right now besides working on energy transformation which is important for Pakistan and also for the planet.”

“In terms of security, both the countries have a strong relationship.”

Bloom responded to Imran Khan’s call for an investigation into the cypher issue by saying: “So, it is not my position really to talk about whether the inquiry should be made or not.”

“I can’t speak on his statement. I don’t have too much to add. We don’t read out the routine diplomatic meetings. What I can say is certainly it’s the norm of diplomatic business of any ambassador, meeting here or in Washington”.

“To have these kinds of discussions about issues, whether we agree or not, it is a standard business of diplomacy. I think again it is really important for us to pass this right now”.

The ambassador said that he had not yet met Imran when asked if he had ever spoken with the former leader. The ambassador did add, though, that the US would “absolutely” cooperate with whichever administration the Pakistani people choose, even if Imran were to win re-election.