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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Nobel Peace Prize for Imran Khan

After the conclusion of US-Taliban peace deal, people in Pakistan have started a strong campaign for PM Imran Khan to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Given his un-wavering support for dialogue to be promoted and stabilization in Afghanistan to be established through peaceful means, PM Khan rightly deserves to be conferred upon the Nobel Peace Prize.

Calls for Nobel Peace Prize for Prime Minister Imran Khan sprung up on Twitter for the success of the US-Afghan peace deal. Colossal tweets generated on Twitter that acknowledged PM Khan’s role in bringing an end to a decades-long military conflict between US forces and Taliban militants in Afghanistan.

The armed conflict debilitated the human lives and infrastructure in the region gravely and fanned terrorism and militancy in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Hence, the peace deal was essential for both Afghanistan and Pakistan to end the bloodshed, and head towards sustainability and prosperity.

#NobelPeacePrizeforImranKhan became one of the top trends on social media over the weekend following the signing of the peace deal.

His advocated pointed out that it was Imran Khan who first pressed for the ceasefire and negotiations between the Taliban and the USA. He asserted that a peaceful Afghanistan is in the interest of every nation in the region.

He was, however, ridiculed and his suggestions were discounted but his proponents argued that his suggestions prevailed making him one of the biggest advocates of peace in the region.

Even Punjab Governor Chaudhry Muhammad Sarwar also joined the calls and demanded Nobel Peace Prize for PM Khan. His followers say that Prime Minister Imran Khan encouraged US President Donald Trump to initiate negotiations with the Afghan Taliban and again convinced him to restart negotiations after President Trump had called off the peace deal with the Afghan Taliban last year.

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“The prime minister is the only political leader who had been opposing the war in the region,” Sarwar said.

“PM Imran Khan sent a message of peace to the international community last year by setting a captured Indian pilot free, although India had been promoting war hysteria,” he added.