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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Non-Muslim policeman is fasting to support his Muslim colleague

A non-Muslim policeman in South Manchester is fasting during Ramadan to support his Muslim colleague who, due to Covid, has been unable to take part in the usual Ramadan festivities.

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In a remarkable show of solidarity for his Muslim colleague, a non-Muslim police officer in South Manchester is fasting during Ramadan.

Sergeant Kevin Gammond, 38, is taking part in the holy month of Ramadan by not eating or drinking anything between sunrise and sunset to support his Muslim workmate Sergeant Kassim Hanif, 34.

According to Sgt Gammond, fasting during the day has been really difficult as he misses his morning coffees and breakfasts. However, his determination has enabled him to carry on fasting throughout the holy month of Ramadan.

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“I miss my morning coffees and breakfasts. I often stay up late and eat a second or third meal, because if I don’t I start to feel light-headed during the day. It’s a strange feeling.” said Sgt Gammond.

While appreciating Sgt Gammond’s kind gesture, Sgt Hanif also praised his dedication to fasting.

“He is doing really well. During a normal working day, Kev generally loves to have several cups and often says he’s gagging for a brew,” said Sgt Hanif.

During previous years Sgt Hanif used to open his fasts with his friends and family, and would also go to the mosque every evening. However, due to COVID’s restrictions, the usual festivities and communal gatherings during Ramadan cannot take place.

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Therefore, he is extremely grateful for the support provided not only by Sgt Gammond but also by Inspector Paul Wall as he too encouraged them despite them having such a demanding job as police officers.

Inspector Paul Wall has expressed his pride in the two police officers and has also confirmed that even though they are fasting during working hours, their performance remains consistent and the work output of both police officers has not slowed down during the fasting period.

“I would genuinely describe both Sergeants as South Manchester’s finest and I am not surprised that they are demonstrating such dedication to each other and our community,” said Inspector Paul.

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As Eid is expected to be on May 12, both officers are planning big celebrations for the day which involves a huge Domino’s takeaway order and lots of home-cooked traditional food, courtesy of Sgt Hanif.