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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Norway removes Pakistan from National Threat Assessment list

For years, Pakistan found itself recurrently added to Norway's National Threat Assessment list, alongside other nations.

Norway has officially removed Pakistan from its National Threat Assessment list. This decision marks a turning point in bilateral relations and opens new doors for Pakistani students and researchers seeking opportunities in Scandinavia.

The Background

For years, Pakistan found itself recurrently added to Norway’s National Threat Assessment list, alongside other nations. This inclusion posed significant challenges for Pakistani individuals looking to pursue academic or professional endeavors in Norway. The situation was exacerbated by negative propaganda in sections of the Indian media, further complicating matters for Pakistani nationals.

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Diplomatic Efforts Bear Fruit

Effective diplomatic efforts by Islamabad played a pivotal role in persuading Norwegian authorities to reconsider Pakistan’s inclusion on the list. Through sustained dialogue and engagement, Pakistan successfully advocated for its removal from the list of nations of “security concern.” The recent decision, disclosed in a report by the Norwegian Police Security Service, reflects the success of Pakistan’s diplomatic initiatives.

Impact on Pakistani Community

The removal of Pakistan from Norway’s threat assessment list brings relief to Pakistani students and researchers who faced immense difficulties due to their country’s inclusion. This decision is anticipated to ease obstacles and create new educational and professional opportunities for individuals associated with Pakistan. It also paves the way for improved bilateral relations between Pakistan and Norway, fostering mutual understanding and cooperation.

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Norway’s decision to delist Pakistan highlights the efficacy of diplomatic engagement in resolving international disputes and fostering constructive relationships. By recognizing Pakistan’s efforts in addressing security concerns and promoting peace, Norway sets a positive precedent for diplomatic relations between nations. This triumph of diplomacy serves as a testament to the power of dialogue and cooperation in overcoming challenges and building a more inclusive global community.