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Saturday, April 1, 2023

Norwegian Ambassador calls for strict implementation of COVID-19 protocols at Islamabad Airport

Norwegian Ambassador, Kjell Gunnar Eriksen, has called for the strict implementation of COVID-19 protocols at Islamabad Airport.

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Norwegian Ambassador, Kjell Gunnar Eriksen, has called for the strict implementation of COVID-19 protocols on Islamabad Airport.

In his tweet, he said that the administration needs to improve its social distancing protocols on the airport to curb the transmission of coronavirus among passengers and staff.

The ambassador compared Islamabad Airport to Dubai Airport and said that there is much room for improvement in services.

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Ambassador Eriksen’s tweet read: “A rare night of traveling. Stopover in Dubai Airport with partially implemented social distancing and lots of Christmas songs. Room for improvement at Islamabad airport. Masks just covering your chin is no protection”. He also tweeted a picture of Dubai Airport on Twitter.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases in Pakistan have been surging in the country as the second wave hits the country this winter season.

A score of politicians in Pakistan has been hit by coronavirus during the second wave including Minister Asad Umar.

Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has also fallen prey to the virus, along with many politicians from Sindh. PTI leader Amir Liaqat Hussain, who is also a famous entertainer, tested positive for the virus as well and is currently undergoing treatment at a local hospital. Many journalists and judges have been hit as well.


Journalist Zarrar Khuhro tweeted in November that he had tested positive for the virus. Prominent anchor Moeed Pirzada caught the virus too but has since recovered. The former chief justice of Peshawar High Court Waqar Seth died from the virus last week. The chief justice of Azad Kashmir Raja Akram has tested positive for the virus as well.

To control the curb of coronavirus the administration in Karachi has announced the closure of hotels and business centers at 5 pm on December 31st. New Year’s Eve.

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The closure of restaurants and business centers will also reduce traffic jams.

A notification was issued on Tuesday informing that security officials will be placed at various public places including recreational spots, main highways, and Sea View.