Prostitution Nida Kirmani

Lahore University of Management Sciences professor Nida Kirmani last week said that there was nothing unrespectable about prostitution or begging. The professor, who is known for her liberal views, made the remarks in a message shared on social networking platform Twitter.

“There is nothing unrespectable about begging or sex-work,” she said in her post. She added that people opting for these professions to earn a living must be respected, but those disrespecting and abusing them must be shamed.

“There is nothing unrespectable about begging or sex work; there is, however, something deeply unrespectable about a society that pushes people into work that may not be of their own choosing and frowning upon them for doing so,” said Kirmani in a tweet.

She went on to say: “But what if it’s their own choice?’ There is no such thing as free choice. All ‘choices’ are mediated through a system of social constraints.”

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A score of social media users approved of her outlook and added that women engaged in sex work must be protected, respected, and given full rights by the state.

A user wrote: “Couldn’t agree more! In fact in my opinion if there is one place where our society seems to come together in perfect harmony is at the doors of our sex workers.”

However, a few users criticized the professor for normalizing sex-work and prostitution in society. They argued that such arguments would normalize adultery and debauchery in the near future.