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Thursday, April 18, 2024

NZ terror attack: Pakistani martyr paid rich tributes

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The world is paying rich tribute to Naeem Rashid hailing from Abbottabad, Pakistan who sacrificed his life in a bid to save the lives of the worshippers in Christchurch mosque from the terrorist’s mass shooting. Rashid tried to overpower the terrorist by grabbing and disarming him.

Rashid was unfortunately shot dead along with his son, Talha in the terror attack. In a live-streamed video shot by the terrorist of the horrific incident, Rashid can be seen trying to engage with the shooter to save the other attendees of Friday’s congregational prayer in Christchurch mosque by giving them a chance to escape the deadly shooting.

Talha, aged 21 was a student and offered the prayer with his father Naeem Rashid but now both are martyred. The world has been revering the sacrifice laid by a father-son duo at the time when they themselves were struggling to save their lives.

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Ministry of Overseas Pakistan paid tribute to Naeem Rashid and son on Twitter. “Naeem Rashid tried overpowering the shooter identified as Brenton Tarrant after he had entered the mosque, however, he was left badly wounded during the attempt – aimed at protecting fellow worshippers”, wrote the Ministry of Overseas Pakistan in a tweet.

Famous American comedian Jeremy McLellan, also prayed for the departed souls, “The Muslim man in the video who heroically sacrificed himself to stop the terrorist has been identified as Naeem Rashid from Abbottabad, Pakistan. His son Talha was also killed in the attack. Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un.”, wrote McLellan in his tweet.

Twitter is afloat with messages of condolence, love, and prayers for the heroic act of the departed souls.



According to the details revealed, Naeem Rashid was rushed to hospital following the attack but died late on Friday night. He worked with a private bank before he moved to Christchurch to work as a teacher.