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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Obama says women are ‘indisputably better’ leaders than men

Just two short months after calling out woke culture and expressing that “the world is messy,” Barack Obama changed course, and is now offering the simplified view that women should manage everything. While speaking at a private event in Singapore, the former president of the United States told those in attendance that women are “indisputably” better than men.

He then went on and said he’s confident that every nation would see “significant improvement” if women had control for two years, especially as he believes that if one looks at the problems of the world, it’s usually due to old men “not getting out of the way.”

A serious breach of ethics. But sure, only men are the source of all our global and political ills

Clearly the man is not paying much attention to US politics as he travels the world raking in vast amounts of money from his speaking fees, because if he was, he’d see that the current lineup of women competing on the Democratic side to be our next president are hardly free from scandal and controversy themselves.

Elizabeth Warren pretended to be Native American for much of her career as a means of getting ahead. Before recently ending her campaign bid, Kamala Harris was under fire for her record as a prosecutor in San Francisco. She’s even claimed to regret unintended consequences of some of her policies.

Marianne Williamson just last week told an astoundingly blatant lie when she claimed Donald Trump posthumously pardoned Charles Manson. And then you have multiple female politicians and DNC officials coming out and calling fellow candidate and military veteran Tulsi Gabbard a Russian asset.

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Speaking of which, if President Obama wants to talk about old men not getting out of the way, then he needs a serious reality check. One must only look to 2016 or even the events of this current year to see that the big dog herself, Hillary Clinton, is just as guilty as any man of not letting others get ahead.

There’s the notorious scandal where she and her DNC goons prevented Bernie Sanders from getting the party nomination during the last election, and just recently, she helped kick off the narrative that is haunting Tulsi Gabbard. Not to mention, there’s also the countless books and news articles that are meticulously sourced that show HRC is incredibly corrupt.

On just about every level, gender makes no difference when it comes to how politicians lead. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez helped cost New York 25,000 jobs in her war against Amazon. Her Green New Deal also borders on absurdist comedy. Former Florida state representative Corrine Brown was convicted on charges ranging from tax fraud to conspiracy.

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Laura Richardson destroyed evidence. And then just last month, Katie Hill stepped down after having inappropriate sexual relations with staffers. A serious breach of ethics. But sure, only men are the source of all our global and political ills.

I’ll make sure to block from memory all the female journalists and politicians who helped push the Iraqi WMD narrative all those years ago. Now in my mind it was only the men’s votes and their propaganda pieces that should draw society’s ire. Likewise, all the scandalous stories cited above, poof, those are forgotten now too.

Aren’t women awesome! Thanks, Obama.

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