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Thursday, July 18, 2024

Occupational accidents: moving towards safe work

Iftikhar Ahmed | Nov 03, 2016

Decent work is, in essence, safe work. Manufacturing and mining were already considered part of the sweatshops however the recent workplace accidents have relegated these sectors to the level of death shops. As reported in major newspapers, 87 mineworkers were injured and 130 unfortunate miners lost their lives from 2010 onward. In the manufacturing sector, more than 1,000 workers were injured while 503 were killed in workplace accidents. A large number of fatalities in manufacturing is attributed to the Baldia Factory fire in Karachi (where more than 250 workers burnt to death and scores were injured) and collapse of the plastic bag factory in Sundar Industrial Estate in Lahore (where more than 45 workers were buried under the rubble). Though, the German retailer (KiK) has finally agreed to provide the compensation of $5.9 million to victims and families of Baldia Factory fire, no mechanism has still been developed to halt such instances. Construction is the most hazardous sector where the incidence of occupational injuries is nine per cent although its data is not reported as such in the newspapers…

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