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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Of shattered dreams and life-long trauma: Impact of motorway incident

Motorways are thought to be the best and secure means of communication in changing modern civilizations, yet the recent motorway rape case suggests otherwise.

Motorways are thought to be the best and secure means of communication in changing modern civilizations. With change in world dynamics, motorways have come to acquire a center stage in some ways of decent commuting while connecting people to their loved ones across the globe.

The building of the nascent Lahore-Sialkot motorway is surely another such marvel which has shortened the distance of an otherwise arduous journey; it is not just only for the Sialkot goers but for others too, who embark upon short hauls and who are meant to be travelling to Kalashahkaku, Gujranwala, Kamoki, Daska, Sambrial and finally to Gujrat. The authorities have carved out a marvellous plan which cuts through all the above mentioned cities.

Motorway rape: Reprehensible in all its forms and manifestation

I myself am a frequent traveller on the same motorway. But the latest episode of rape is surely reprehensible in all its forms and manifestation. The incident is not just shocking but it left the entire country in wonderment and absolute disbelief. The people are riled up across the country. It’s a shocking happening which involves a foreign returned Muslim family.

The victim of this horrific rape is a mother of three who happened to be driving alone with her two frail kids on the very fateful day. The events leading to ineffable, horrendous and a shameful act of barbarity. All unfolding in a stunning horror. She got on to the motorway from Lahore wishing to drive up to Gujranwala. Little did she know that she might run out of gasoline.

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Anyways close to Gujjarpura the car finally gave in coming to a halt in the dead of the night. The deathly silence and the eerie darkness panicked the feeble. She made desperate calls for help to the motorway police first and then to the FWO guys.

But all in vain.

Neither of them responded in affirmation and the two absolved themselves by saying it was not in their jurisdiction hence her fate hung in the balance and then the unthinkable happened.Two criminals came approaching the car and tried to break through the locked vehicle. They broke open the side door windows and assailed upon the timorous mother and the timid children. Overpowering the unlucky woman. They forced her out of the vehicle took her to the nearby area which almost looked like a bushy forest and did what barbarians would do when raiding stranger cities.

An abominable act done with no fear of punishment or remorse

It seems though THE MAN IS AN ETERNAL WOLF, AND THE BEAUTIFUL CREATION, THE WOMEN ARE THE SHEEP’S OF GOD. I am sure the children would be terrorized at this ghastly act of the perpetrators. It is learnt that the poor lady had gotten back from the foreign country not very long ago, back home only wishing for her children a comfortable yet a prosperous journey in life.

A chosen righteous path for her kids but that turned out to be biggest gamble of her life. A gamble which seemingly failed her. Shattered her dreams, broke the children who got shaken to the core.

Will they still for the love of their motherland hang on to this land of the impure or shall they give up on the principles of idealism and leave for good?

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The thought of the stunning horror will plague their innocent souls so long as they continue to live. The fear would never quell. It’s a question mark. Have we failed as a nation? Are we morally corrupt? The carrying out of rape at the hands of unmerciful lusty barbarians is harrowing. They are unstoppable. Rage, sorrow and loss fills our heart. It is greatly disappointing especially the women folk are growing even the more despondent. Our heart cries for them.

Finally some help reached to them. But it was too late the damage had been made.

Seeking peace and tranquility in a “democratic” Pakistan is an illusion

Our leader of the province seems disenchanted with ways of his ingenuity and planning. The CCPO’s abrupt remark was quite disingenuous. He thinks that the lady may have been juberous in taking that perilous journey.

The security is something that needs to be done perenially and not ocassionally. There is a lapse of security for sure to a greater extent.

Unquestionably motorways, especially the new ones have to be manned physically 24/7 undeterred. How in the world this irreparable loss can be recompensed? There are no words to describe the gravity of the crime. There is no atonement either. The perpetrators be hung by their heels in open. There are inherent flaws in our justice system.

Too often the criminals get away and flee the implications of retribution. They are beyond redemption. The hardened criminals go Scot free while the unresourceful ones keep languishing in jails for petty crimes. That’s “Irony of fate”. motorway

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Terrible injustices happen to a certain class of people, but they still expect good rather than bad. Life moves on whether you are a part of it or not. It was the darkest day in the history of our national motorways never to be forgotten ever. The sympathy of the entire nation is with the victims.

A slight vigil on part of our agencies could’ve averted this sensational and unsettling incident.

As for crimes of such grave nature, new laws must be enacted in the parliament. Some suggest casteration, only then we may succeed in establishing the writ of the government in letter and spirit. We do appreciate media for avoiding salaciousness. However, a lot needs to be done. motorway

The freedom of women still seems a distant dream. The predators are unfortunately still on the prowl.

Mian Haroon Masood is a former Tehsil-Nazim of Gujrat. The views expressed in this article are the authors own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.