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Thursday, May 30, 2024

Officers suspended after viral video exposes beating of female BISP beneficiaries

The video of the cop beating the women went viral on social media. The disturbing video showed the policeman forcefully pushing and beating women with sticks.

Two policemen have been suspended for beating women at a Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) distribution centre in Tangi, Charsadda.

According to the details, District Police Officer Mohammad Arif took action after a video went viral on social media showing two cops beating poor female BISP beneficiaries at the distribution centre.

Earlier, the video of the cops beating the women went viral on social media. The disturbing video showed a policeman forcefully pushing and beating women with sticks, while they gathered at Babara High School in Charsadda to collect their BISP installments.

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Netizens reacted strongly to the video. They condemned the maltreatment of women and demanded that the government find a dignified way to deliver the BISP amount to the beneficiaries.

Shortly after, Regional Police Officer Mardan, Muhammad Sulaiman, took immediate action by ordering the District Police Officer of Charsadda to initiate internal investigations against those involved. As a result, Constable Ayaz and Constable Muhammad Zada, the individuals seen torturing the women in the viral video, were promptly suspended from their duties.

In an official statement released by Regional Police Officer Mardan, a strong emphasis was placed on the police force’s duty to protect human rights, stating that inhumane treatment would not be tolerated.

Furthermore, Federal Minister and BISP Shazia Atta Marri strongly disapproved of the incident of cops beating female BISP beneficiaries, deeming it “completely unacceptable.” She also explained the technical difficulties.

“Totally unacceptable and action is being taken. No one can be allowed to treat women this way. However, there are some ongoing technical issues with Bank Alfalah which have caused inconvenience to our beneficiaries. BISP is trying to get this resolved at the earliest,” Shazia Atta Marri said.

The female BISP beneficiaries alleged that they were forced to wait for hours in queues in scorching heat as the centre suffered from a disruptive internet facility and inadequate staff. They said the centre had no drinking water.

They alleged that no arrangements had been made to facilitate the deserving women, saying there were six fingerprint devices at the centre set up in the government high school, Babara, but all were defective.

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