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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Olafur Arnold, a musician from Iceland, planning a visit to Hunza Valley

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Olafur Arnold, a musician from Iceland, says that he is planning to visit Pakistan. Extremely amused with his first-time visit to Pakistan a few days back, the famous musician is now planning to visit Hunza, to explore the native cultural music of the valley.

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Coming at the request of a Pakistani friend earlier to attend her wedding, he found Pakistan to be entirely different from his native country. In an interview to the local newspaper, singer thoroughly shared his firsthand experience of his visit to Pakistan. Arnold said that his decision to visit Pakistan was not easy since he faced slight confrontation from his mother who was skeptical over his visit to Pakistan.

The singer, however, said that there exist a huge spectrum of people and possibilities while mainstream media shows only a fraction of it.

The singer also described the immediate psychological cultural shock he went through as soon as he landed in Pakistan.

Pakistan, a country with buzzing roads, rowdy markets, and with vibrant variations in culture is very much opposed to Iceland.

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The singer described his observations by saying, “Pakistan’s very, very different. Iceland is a slow, calm place with very few people; no traffic and nobody carries guns.”

It was the diversity of this country that has eventually tempted him to plan another visit to this culturally diverse country.

Apart from relishing the local food at the wedding, he also visited some of the historical heritage sites in Lahore which included the walled city, Badshai Mosque and Wazir Khan Mosque.

On the question about his future visit to Pakistan, the singer said that “I’m already planning a trip to the north to visit the Hunza Valley.”

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The other highlights of his visit involved his participation and dance performance in his friend’s wedding. Completely mesmerized, the singer too did not fail to realize the eternal love Pakistanis have for the neighbor’s Bollywood music.

The singer celeb shared the moments on his social media account, Twitter.

These expressions of singer about Pakistan seems to legitimize the claims that are being made about the retrieval of peace and normalcy to Pakistan.

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With the successful tour of World XI team’s to Pakistan, and the German Ambassador’s day out in Peshawar, Pakistan is now intrepidly challenging the tainted perspective held worldwide for not being ‘safe’ for the international tourists.