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Sunday, November 26, 2023

Olympic Sport Center lights up with Pak-China friendship slogans

In honor of 70 years of Pak-China diplomatic ties, the Embassy of Pakistan in coordination with the Henan Foreign Affairs Office organized a thematic light show.

The Pak-China friendship slogans and the logo of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries were displayed on Sunday at the Zhengzhou Olympic Sports Centre, a landmark building in the Zhengzhou City of China.

The Embassy of Pakistan in coordination with the Henan Foreign Affairs Office organized a thematic light show to mark the 70 years of China-Pakistan diplomatic ties.

The Henan Foreign Affairs Office and members of the Pakistani community witnessed the light show.

70 years of diplomatic ties

China-Pakistan relations are cited as a role model in International Relations. The relationship is described by the leadership of both countries as strong as “Steel,” as high as “Himalayan,” as sweet as “Honey,” as deep as” ocean,” as close as “Two Eyes.” It is termed all-weather, time-tested, and all-dimension, reliable, trustworthy, and “pure” friendship.

Against the Western ideology, “it is the interests which decide the friends and foes in the international relations.” China-Pakistan relations are based on Eastern values, which are based on sincerity and much above materialistic interests. According to one of the Pew Surveys, Pakistan is a country that loves China most, just after the Chinese themselves.

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Since the establishment of formal diplomatic relations on 21st May 1951, there was no dispute or any difference of opinion between the two countries. Both stood side by side on all difficult moments and were proved true friends indeed in the hours of in need.

Both support each other on domestic issues, like Kashmir, Balochistan, the Afghan war, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Xinjiang, or Tibet. On International affairs, both share exactly the same point of view, like Palestine issue, Ukraine, Human Rights, or Globalization and Multilateralism, etc. China has bailed out Pakistan quite a few times in the UNSC. At the UN and International forums, both countries vote in harmony.

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While celebrating the 70th Anniversary of establishing formal diplomatic relations between the two countries, we must salute the man behind it. It was General Geng Biao, the Ambassador of China to Pakistan, from March 1956 to October 1959.

He was a close associate with Chairman Mao and trusted one of the most loyal colleagues. Chairman Mao appointed him to Pakistan as Chinese Ambassador with a unique vision to place a strong foundation of friendship between the two countries.

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