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Saturday, April 13, 2024

Op-ed: Trump’s conservatism

Writer discusses Trump's conservatism and why people think it is more important to maintain a white supremacist hate campaign and fuel more statements to enable a rouge President.

Roaming around the internet, you find large amounts of opinions and reports on the prospects of ex-GOP and future liberal Democrats. Just the thought of that shift is chilling, but its reality.

Conservatism hangs in the balance of one person and one person only. And that person is Donald Trump, who has so disrespectfully confiscated the GOP, which was a party of great values at a time.

Conservatism is not the radicalization of religious values. It is a commitment to traditional principles and original thinking and in America, a commitment with a foundation of hope and a promise of goodwill in patriotism. They fight for ideas essential to their constituents or fellow conservatives, like Gun Rights, and economic management. But that message did not last very long. Last week, the House voted on bipartisan bases to impeach a President which incited violence against his own VP and his own nation`s very democracy. And only a few rose to the challenge of bringing back the soul of a nation that has been hurting for four years.

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This is not conservatism. This is a new low and a new high of ludicrous scheming to overturn a people`s constitution and a people`s republic.

Last week in history, a racist and extremist mob, raided the Capitol Building of the United States of America and was incited to take part in such viciousness, by the President of that very nation. They were enflamed to do “combat” and take revenge from Mike Pence, the only man standing up for democracy, in an administration combating the very institutions of America. Pence, just one of few in the nation who fight to conserve and protect conservatism while battling those in the party of traditionalists who are “ambitious” and looking ahead to their own political prospects.

This hybrid conservatism is the fuel to one of the world`s most dangerous vehicle which drives white supremacy and distaste campaigns against any vulnerable and sane moderate. An NPR poll earlier this week, labelled “How much do you think President Trump is to blame for what happened at the U.S. Capitol?” This found that 82% of Republicans believe that it was not his fault or not completely his fault. And overall 58% of Americans believe that he is to blame. Another NPR Poll, “Do you trust that the results of the 2020 election were accurate, or not”, found that 38% of Americans, dominantly Republicans did believe the election was “stolen”. Words like “fraud” and “stolen” provoke such distrust in the institutions and process of American Democracy.

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Now many people have broken from their party including Representative Paul Mitchell of Michigan and former Rep. Mickey Edwards, who says it’s become a cult. Others, who see their futures tied to the party, but are not obsessed with the teachings of Trump cult, have called out individual destabilisation in their party. This, a very stark contrast to those very individuals whose desires overshadow their love for a constitution made by the people and a country made on the foundation of liberty and freedom.

More people need to stand up and take back the country. They need to recall that they are in the people`s house but are representatives of the people, not mobs of people. Carrying a gun to Congress will not help reunite the country, as some lawmakers have reportedly and repeatedly done. They must speak like leaders, no matter the rank of their office and not talk like they are talking to a rally on the streets because they speak on the floor of one of the most powerful buildings in the world. That, to me is essential and vital to reunite and prevent the nation from literally and dreadfully divide the land which the founding fathers tried so hard to glue together.

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My question today is not why Democratic lawmakers support the elective process in the country, but why everyone else thinks it is more important to maintain a white supremacist hate campaign and fuel more statements to enable a rouge President. His ideological base is going to be responsible for the destruction of world-wide conservatism and will stimulate a more radical thought of tradition, especially in more religiously diverse areas, where these are more vulnerable to spread.

Juan Abbas is a freelance writer for the Daily Times. The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Global Village Space.