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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Oppo to Outshine Samsung with AI Features on All Smartphones

Oppo is committed to making AI accessible across all its smartphones, targeting 50 million users by year-end with advanced features like the AndesGPT model. Collaborating with tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek, Oppo is set to enhance AI capabilities and interconnectivity across devices.

Oppo sees smartphones as the future’s key personal AI devices and aims to make AI accessible to everyone. The company plans to integrate AI across all its smartphone lines, targeting 50 million users by year-end.

It is committed to advancing its AI technology by developing internal solutions and collaborating with industry giants like Google, Microsoft, and MediaTek. With over 5,000 AI-related patents, about 70% focus on AI imaging technologies.

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Oppo’s commitment is more than just hype. In January, it became the first to implement a large language model with 7 billion parameters in a smartphone—the AndesGPT model on the Find X7 series. The company has introduced over 100 generative AI features to its smartphones this year.

Moreover, it is exploring synchronized AI functionalities across devices, aiming for seamless interaction between desktop and phone AI systems through its collaboration with Microsoft. This will enhance interconnectivity for quick and precise interactions via voice and text.

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Therefore, it is developing a Hybrid AI architecture that leverages both local device processing and cloud-based AI. The upcoming Reno 12 series and the next Find X flagship will incorporate Google’s Gemini model and feature an AI Toolbox with AI Writer and AI Recording Summary functionalities.

In partnership with MediaTek, Oppo is focusing on hardware, tuning chips to boost storage and computational efficiency in future smartphones.