Out of school kid gets admission after video goes viral

A government school principal refuses admission to a young boy. The DC took notice of the boy's plight and said that the authorities will ensure admission wherever possible. Moreover, he also directed Assistant Commissioner Aneel Saeed to look into the matter. 

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A young boy gets admission to school after a local journalist uploaded his video on social media. The video, uploaded on Twitter, gained the attention of Islamabad’s Deputy Commissioner (DC) Hamza Shafqaat who then took swift action.

In the video, journalist Mona Khan asked the young boy, named Imran, reasons for not going to school. Imran answered by saying that he did attend school in Bari Imam at first.  However, now the principal of the government school is refusing to re-admit Imran.

Imran revealed that the principal refused to give him admission by claiming that he is too old for grade 5, when in reality, Imran is 12 years old.

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Taking to Twitter, Mona Khan highlighted Imran’s plight and how it is difficult for children from poor backgrounds to get an education even from government schools.

“Twelve-year-old Imran, who wants to enroll in the fifth grade at a government school in Bari Imam, but the school headmaster refused, saying he was too old. Can a child of a poor person not study in a government school now? The dream of this child is to become a doctor when he grows up, but how?” Mona Khan’s Twitter post said.

Her post received mass attention, including Hamza Shafqaat’s. The DC took notice of Imran’s plight and said that the authorities will ensure admission wherever possible. Moreover, he also directed Assistant Commissioner Aneel Saeed to look into the matter.

Earlier today, Aneel Saeed posted that the school re-admitted Imran. 12-year-old Imran thanked the authorities for assisting him and also Mona Khan for making his video.

Social media divided over Hamza Shafqaat’s response

Hamza Shafqaat’s swift response received mass appreciation on social media. Many Twitteratis lauded him and his team for ensuring that the matter gets solved in a timely manner.

“Never seen an administrator as active and as responsive as Hamza Shafqaat,” a Twitterati wrote. “We need more such people holding the responsible offices across the country.”

However, on the other hand, some netizens expressed criticism by claiming that authorities should show due diligence without journalists making videos. They said that actions are only taken when issues are highlighted on social media.

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