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Thursday, February 15, 2024

PAF fighter jets demonstrate eye-catching landing exercise at LHR-ISB motorway

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) demonstrated the landing exercise at the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway on Wednesday as an operational preparedness plan

Pakistan Air Force (PAF) demonstrated the landing exercise at the Islamabad-Lahore Motorway on Wednesday. Fighter jets and trainer aircraft of various Squadron participated in the exercise, said the official statement of PAF.

Pictures and images of the fighter jets landing on the carpeted road of the motorway went viral on social media yesterday.

“PAF regularly undertakes road runway operations as part of its operational preparedness plan. Air Vice-Marshal Zaffar Aslam acknowledged the close coordination and support of various civil and military departments especially the National Highway Authority, FWO, and Motorway Police, whose assistance played an instrumental role in the conduct of this exercise,” said the PAF in a statement.

The PAF added that the exercise intent to utilize the extensive network of roads and highways for conducting air operations during the warlike situation. The fighter jets took off from the motorway after refueling. Observers have commented these exercises are part of the contingency plan- motorways can serve as the alternative runways for the fighter jets to land if they cannot return to their respective airbases.

PAF undertakes the exercise of landing fighter jets at the motorway regularly.

Federal Minister for Communication & Postal Services, Murad Saeed, was the guest of honor at the occasion. Air Vice-Marshal Zaffar Aslam, Air Office Commanding, Central Air Command received the minister.


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Speaking at the occasion, Saeed recognized the professionalism of PAF and called them the true symbol of pride for the nation. He also lauded the effective and swift operation of PAF on Feb 27, 2019, against Indian aggression.


Meanwhile, Air Vice-Marshal Aslam appreciated the support from other state institutions including Motorway Police, National Highway Authority, Frontier Works Organization, and other military departments for the landing exercise at the motorway.

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