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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pak Army Generals coming to Imran Khan’s Azadi March

Imran Khan had earlier claimed that families of army personnel would also join him in his march on Islamabad.

Islamabad is gearing up for Imran Khan’s Azadi March. Scores of people from across the country are taking part in the long march to the capital, including retired generals from Pakistan Army.

Major Gen. (retd.) Haroon Sikandar Pasha revealed on Twitter that he will be leading a group of army men to join Imran Khan’s Azadi March. The army group includes decorated generals who have retired but are still supporting Imran Khan. According to the details, the group includes five 3-star generals, 18 2-star generals, and 44 brigadiers.

Moreover, another delegation, led by Gen (retd.) Ali Kuli Khan, will also take part in the Azadi March. As per Major (retd.) Adil Raja, the groups congregated at Pakistan Monument.

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Ali Kuli Khan is a retired Pakistani 3-star general officer and former field commander of X Corps. Prior to this field assignment, he was the chief of general staff and also directed the directorate-general of the Military Intelligence (DGMI) during his career.

On the other hand, there are reports that the messes have received orders to not provide any accommodations to any retired officer. Important to note that the Azadi March is predicted to last for several days, maybe even months. To clarify, Imran Khan’s 2014 Azadi March lasted for 126 days.


Azadi March: Violence ahead?

Addressing a rally in Gujranwala, Imran Khan had claimed that families of army personnel would also join him in his march on Islamabad. He said police officials would also send their families with the participants in the long march to the federal capital.

“Not only police officials, but the families of government servants would also be joining. I also know that the families of my army will also be coming with us, God willing,” the ousted premier said.

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While Imran Khan has claimed that the long march will remain peaceful, there are still fears that it will turn violent. The government is bracing itself for the long march. It has sealed the Red Zone in Islamabad and placed containers at various entry points. Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah has also summoned the Pakistan Army for the security of the Red Zone in Islamabad.