Pak Suzuki comes up with something new!

Pak Suzuki showcased brand-new series of magnificent cars that will resonate individually with its evolving consumer needs at the 17th Pakistan Auto & Parts Show 2022

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Companies operating in automobile sector of Pakistan are going through different scenarios whereas Pak Suzuki has unveiled its sample models for the new lineup, Toyota Indus Motor Company, on the other hand has temporarily shutdown its production plant in Pakistan due to continuous currency devaluation and raw materials shortage.

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Pak Suzuki showcased brand-new series of magnificent cars that will resonate individually with its evolving consumer needs at the 17th Pakistan Auto & Parts Show 2022 organized by PAAPAM on the 29th, 30th, and 31st of July 2022 in the international venue of the Expo Centre, Lahore.

A lineup designed with a futuristic approach that has the potential to revolutionize the lifestyle of every Pakistani automotive owner. Sample models include:

  • Suzuki Hustler (660 cc Mild Hybrid)
  • Suzuki WangonR Stingray (660cc Mild Hybrid)
  • Suzuki Xbee (1000 cc turbo Mild Hybrid)
  • Suzuki WagonR (660cc Mild Hybrid)
  • Suzuki Every (660 cc)
  • Suzuki Ertiga (1500cc) 7-seater
  • XL7 – (1500 cc) 7-seate

Keeping the futuristic approach, they introduced multiple sampling offerings on display, including the SUV, MPV, compact, and hatchback categories that have an element to inspire and relate to multiple and diverse consumer needs.

While speaking at the event, Mr. Masafumi Harano San, Managing Director of Pak Suzuki, expressed his hope for the entire automotive sector, highlighting the significance of “consumer -as-boss” operating approach which played a vital role in Suzuki’s success, and he expected that same approach would be adopted by other players in the industry.

He also mentioned that the company’s focus is on boosting the supply of premium grade auto parts through localization due to the huge demand from local markets and mega sales of auto parts.

Mr. Aamir Shaffi, Executive Officer (marketing and sales) of Pak Suzuki, stated in his address at the event that after successfully entering the premium hatchback category, it is now time for us to change the automobile landscape by stepping up into different categories and introducing revolutionary cars.

He emphasized the all-new Swift’s overwhelming popularity, adding that this fantastic vehicle is equipped with numerous built-in features that represent the company’s futuristic approach. The all-new Swift sold 6,000 units in four months period due to its excellent and enticing design with a sporty style and improved features.

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Moreover, Mr. Aamir Shaffi also underscored the importance of consumer insights for achieving growth in challenging times. He acknowledged the role of customers who helped make the Swift launch an industry benchmark.

It is of no doubt that Suzuki has gained much popularity among people and as one of its best-selling cars of Suzuki, Wagon R has received a lot of consumer praise over the years. The car has been the favorite for everyone, from Uber drivers to personal users.

Pak Suzuki has recorded a remarkable success in FY22. However, these potential models will allow PSMC to weather the storm coming in the automotive industry next year is yet to be witnessed. Suzuki has clearly made a statement on both, bolstering its core portfolio and positioning itself to compete with this prospective lineup.