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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan all set to add 36 Mirage-V Combat Aircraft to its arsenal

After downing two Indian Jets in last February, the Pakistan Air Force seems to be beefing up its defenses as tensions with India over Kashmir continue to escalate

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Pakistan Air Force will strike a deal with Egypt for Mirage-V Combat aircraft amid rising tensions with India on Kashmir issue.

Egypt and Pakistan have been negotiating the deal for years and the final contract will be sealed in the coming days. Pakistan Air Force looks forward to beef up its existing strength of squadron of jets.

The Mirage-V possesses a helmet-mounted display, mission pods and night strike capability. These Jets have been retired by Egyptian Air Force hence Pakistan will have to recondition them before adding them into its squadron.

Pakistan Airforce has been utilizing Mirage Jets for five decades. In this period Pakistan has purchased approximately 150 Mirage-III/V fighter jets. It has also bought retired Mirage III from Australia. Pakistan’s interest in Dassault-Made Mirage jets increased after Indian Airforce conducted aerial strike with Mirage 2000 Fighter jets in Balakot, Pakistan. The only common feature of Mirage V and Indian Airforce’s Mirage 2000 is their ‘delta wing’ design.

The IAF’s Mirage 2000 is an advance version of Mirage V. Based on older hydraulic technology PAF’s Mirage fighters both V and III variant lacks important fly-by-wire capability that IAF’s Mirage 2000 possesses.

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Pakistan has diversified its aerial combat capabilities with the induction of China-made JF-17 Fighters, Pakistan’s, with the addition of Mirage V Pakistan strives to overcome its areas overcome problems of shorter range and limited payload capacity.

The decision to purchase Mirage V is intended to enhance ground weaponry. It is a dedicated ground-attack variant of the Mirage III with greater space for fuel in place of avionics. In the wake of incoming war threats from India after the escalation of Kashmir crisis. Pakistan is endeavouring to beef up its defense capabilities to combat India.