Pakistan Army provides refuge to 46 Afghan soldiers at Chitral border

As the Taliban gain momentum, Afghan forces are fleeing across the border. Last night, 46 Afghan soldiers were granted a safe passage by the Pakistan Army into Chitral. The Afghan soldiers will be returned to Afghanistan after the necessary procedures.

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Pakistan Army granted a safe passage to forty-six soldiers of the Afghan National Army (ANA) and border police last night, a statement by the ISPR informed.

The ANA were unable to hold their military posts along the Pak-Afghan international borders. Due to the critical situation in Afghanistan, the ANA commander requested help for the 46 soldiers which included five officers.

The ISPR statement added that the Pakistani military has contacted Afghan authorities for relevant information and necessary action.

“These Afghan soldiers arrived at Arundu sector, Chitral late last night. After contact with Afghan authorities and necessary military procedures, 46 soldiers including five officers have been given refuge [and] safe passage into Pakistan.

“Afghan soldiers have been provided food, shelter, and necessary medical care as per established military norms,” the ISPR statement said.

However, Pakistan Army will return the soldiers to the Afghan government after the necessary protocols.

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Steady gains by the Taliban cause Afghan soldiers to flee

This is not the first time Pakistan Army provided aid to the ANA. On July 1, 35 Afghan soldiers requested the Pakistan Army for refuge. The ANA could not hold its military post along the international border.

Pakistan Army then gave them a safe passage into the country. Later, the soldiers returned to the Afghan authorities after the due procedures.

As the US withdrawal from Afghanistan completes, the Taliban are rapidly taking over the districts in the country.

According to official data, the Taliban now control roughly a third of all 421 districts and district centers in Afghanistan.

Due to the Taliban taking over, more than 1000 Afghan security personnel fled across the border into Tajikistan earlier in July.

The Taliban had taken over six key districts in the northern province of Badakshan, which borders both Tajikistan and China. Around 1,037 Afghan soldiers fled across the border with Tajikistan’s permission.

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