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Friday, July 19, 2024

Pakistan army ready to thwart any threat: COAS

General Asim Munir urged the youth to place trust in their country, nation, culture, and civilization.

Speaking at the Pakistan National Youth Conference in Islamabad today, the Army Chief affirmed that Pakistan would not compromise its sovereignty. Expressing unwavering confidence in Pakistan’s promising future and the preservation of its historical greatness, he highlighted the abundant blessings bestowed upon the country by Allah Almighty, including rich mineral resources, a thriving agricultural sector, and a youthful human capital.

Syed Asim Munir conveyed his immense pleasure in engaging with the future leaders of Pakistan and the eagles of Iqbal. He emphasized that the creation of Pakistan was driven by the distinction of its religion, civilization, and culture from that of Hindus, emphasizing the importance of maintaining these unique aspects rather than adopting Western culture. Munir urged the youth to place trust in their country, nation, culture, and civilization.

The Army Chief encouraged the youth to believe in their affiliation with a great country and nation, highlighting them as torchbearers of the country’s rich traditions and the true realization of the dreams of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-i-Azam. Munir underscored the importance of the armed forces receiving cooperation and support from the entire nation in their fight against terrorism.

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Addressing the issue of negative propaganda on social media, he cautioned against its potential to sow uncertainty and hopelessness. Munir urged the public to double-check information on social media, emphasizing the necessity of proper research and positive thinking to prevent chaos in society. During the event, the youth enthusiastically chanted slogans such as ‘Long Live Pakistan,’ ‘Pakistan Army,’ and ‘Quaid-i-Azam Zindabad.’