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Friday, May 24, 2024

Pakistan Army warns India, promises stronger response than February

The Pakistan Army, on Friday, warned India against any “misadventure” and promised a stronger response than February 27 if New Delhi fails to heed the word of caution.

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Pakistan’s Military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor, in a series of tweets early Friday, dismissed accusations and claims made by an Indian general.

The Chinar Corps Commander, Lt General K J S Dhillon, claimed that Pakistan was disrupting peace in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

Maj Gen Ghafoor, while dismissing the statement as “[India’s] usual blatant lies”, said they were an “attempt to carve out causes [sic] belli for a misadventure to divert world attention from precarious situation & atrocities in IOJ&K.”

He pointed out the media blackout in IoK and said the situation was completely opposite in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK).

“While IOJ&K faces media blackout, AJ&K is open to foreign media & UNMOGIP [United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan] to visit place of their own choosing. Can you do the same?” Maj Gen Ghafoor wrote.

“Should there be an attempt by Indian Army to undertake any misadventure, Pakistan’s response shall be even stronger than that of 27 Feb 2019” warned DG ISPR.

He concluded the series of tweets by lauding the resilience and resolve of Kashmiris. “Thousands of Indian troops have failed to suppress just struggle of brave Kashmiris for decades. Current surge won’t succeed either.”

Indian General’s accusations

The Chinar Corps Commander, Lt General K J S Dhillon, accused Pakistan of “openly threatening” India about certain incidents in Kashmir.

In an interaction with reporters, Lt Gen Dhillon put the blame on Pakistan of disrupting peace in the IoK and said India “will take care of any threat”. He threatened to “eliminate” anyone who tries to “disrupt peace in [the] valley”.

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The Indian General made these accusations at a press briefing while the entire Indian occupied Kashmir region remains on lockdown. Over 30,000 Indian troops have been deployed to the region to aid in suppressing any civil protests. The region is still under strict lockdown with a complete media blackout.