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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan Army will Defend its Homeland & Respond to Any Indian Misadventure

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United Kingdom observed that the Pakistani Army is well prepared to launch a befitting response to any Indian misadventure. GVS reached out to analysts, who observe that given the tactical muscle of the Pakistan Army, India is left with only one option: stage a false flag attack to divert attention.

Mohammad Nafees Zakaria, the Pakistani High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, said that the people of Pakistan and its armed forces are determined and fully prepared to combat any challenge, regardless of its costs, to defend the country and safeguard its territorial integrity.

Addressing the Defence and Martyrs Day ceremony, hosted by the Pakistan High Commission in London, Ambassador Zakaria said that the Pakistani armed forces are ready to combat any challenge for the defense of the motherland.

Pakistan Army Fully Prepared

Ambassador Nafees Zakaria said that the Pakistani nation takes pride in the valiance and capabilities of the armed forces, a force that has been established as one of the most professional armies in the world.

He stressed that Pakistan is a responsible member of the United Nations, and its armed forces have made great contributions to the success of the UN’s Peacekeeping operations across the world. The Pakistani High Commissioner lauded the success of the Pakistan Army in virtually eliminating all terrorist outfits and networks from the country, and commended the success of military operations Radd-ul Fasaad and Zarb-e-Azb.

The Pakistan High Commission in London also screened a documentary highlighting the rescue operations carried out by the army, amongst other military operations and feats achieved by the Pakistan Army during times of war.

Speaking to Global Village Space, Jan Achakzai, notable geo-strategic analyst and Chairman of the Center for Geo-Politics and Balochistan, observed that the Pakistan Army is fully prepared to launch a befitting response to any Indian misadventure.

Delhi sensing Pakistan’s tactical muscles has already withdrawn its forward troops into Indian Territory of almost 85 km.

Jan Achakzai said, “Pakistan is prepared for any Indian misadventure. Starting from Pakistan Air Force’s strength and capability post-Balakot has widely been acknowledged. Compared to India’s Air Force’s 1.5 pilots per aircraft, PAF is at a ratio of 2.5. PAF has no issue with squadron strength and target practice like their IAF.”

The Baloch analyst explained that the Indian Air Force’s procurement of the widely publicized Rafael will not serve the purpose of giving the Indians superiority over the Pakistani fighter jets.

He said, “This month, the addition of French Rafale to IAF, will not be a surprise for Pakistani pilots who have already been given access and were trained to operate. They are aware of the exact specifications of the fighters hence will deal a serious blow to the platform’s potential viability once in Indian hands. Pakistan is actively discussing several options also.”

War Policy: One Bullet-Two Killed

Jan Achakzai observed that Pakistan has already exhibited its tactical muscle during the ongoing border skirmishes. He said, “Delhi sensing Pakistan’s tactical muscles has already withdrawn its forward troops into Indian Territory of almost 85 km.”

Outlining Pakistan’s war policy, the analyst said, “Pakistani forces operate on one bullet- two kill policy if there is any aggression by India.”

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The Baloch analyst underscored that India is left with only one option: staging a false flag attack. Achakzai explained, “The only option India is left with is false flag operation. Recent psyops suggest they are trying to prepare the ground for this scenario as violence grows and militancy returns to IOK with vengeance, Delhi is trying to divert attention from Kashmiris and show to the world it is allegedly Pakistan which is doing so. But people do not buy into these obsolete “bogey narratives of India on Kashmir and Pakistan.”

Shedding light on the relations between the Imran Khan-led government and the military establishment, Achakzai observed, “Relations between Imran Khan Govt and Pakistan army are in excellent shape. But institutions would always have a creative tension fostering healthy competition for better performance. Any rumor otherwise simply have no credence.”