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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Sheikh Rasheed snaps back at American Scholar blaming Pakistan for Mumbai attacks

Sheikh Rasheed has Tweeted a fitting response to American scholar Christine Fair, who in a Tweet blamed Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks

Sheikh Rasheed posted a video of Indian Spy, Kulbushan Yadhav, speaking about how RAW funds terrorist organizations in Pakistan. He posted the video on Twitter and tagged Carol Christine Fair, who is an American political scientist. Carol had earlier today blamed Pakistan for the Mumbai attacks in her own Tweet.

In the Tweet, Sheikh Rasheed says, “Madam, @CChristineFair this is what Infamous Indian terrorist cum spy has told Pakistani media about Indian consulates in Afghanistan and Iran involved in terror financing against Pak. According to KBJ, the Indian Consulate in Zehadan is part of that terror network.”

Kulbhushan Jadhav, in the video, confesses that “The finances that are coming into Balochistan and Sindh are coming through consulates in Jalalabad, Kandahar, Zahedan, these are very important consulates that are used by Research and Analysis Wing to transfer dollars into the Balochistan movement.”

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He also confesses that the various financing that happened for the TTP and various other Afghan anti-Pakistani terrorist groups led to the attack by TTP on the Mehran Naval Base in which a lot of damage was caused to the Pakistani navy.

The PNS Mehran attack was an attack by Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and Al Qaeda, which took place on 22 May 2011, at PNS Mehran, the headquarters of the Pakistan Navy’s Naval Air Arm and the most populous Pakistani military installation. It is located near the PAF’s Faisal Air Force Base of Karachi, Sindh. In the course of the event, 15 attackers killed 18 military personnel and wounded 16 in a sophisticated terrorist attack. Two American-built P-3C Orion surveillance aircraft were destroyed.

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It was the biggest attack on the Navy and its assets since 1971 and is believed to be the last major attack of militant mastermind Ilyas Kashmiri. The Special Service Group Navy (SSG(N)) carried out the counter-attack, which was the largest operation led by SSG(N).

Pakistan had back then also claimed that ‘anti-Pakistan’ elements had been behind the attack. Kulbushan Yadhav had later confirmed this by giving details on how RAW had funded the attack. The purpose of the attack had been to destroy the two P-3C Orion surveillance aircrafts.

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