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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan Auto Parts Show ’22: An opportunity for local auto companies to prove themselves

At Pakistan Auto Parts Show '22, IMC will display its Make in Pakistan and hybrid vehicles.

The Pakistan Auto Parts Show ’22 is an opportunity for Indus Motor Company, the Pakistani manufacturer of Toyota automobiles, to display and promote the company’s level of localization.

In Lahore, the International Expo Centre will host Pakistan Association of Automotive Parts and Accessories Manufacturers’ country’s largest auto industry exhibition from July 29-31. The Make in Pakistan principle has a champion in IMC. IMC has led the way in developing a local engineering foundation, purchasing localised parts worth over Rs. 270 million daily and offering more than 30 forms of technical help aimed at transferring knowledge.


For the record, Toyota is a pioneer in modern HEV technology and has pledged a $100 million investment in local production of hybrid vehicles. The locally produced Corolla Cross will go on sale in 2023, the following year. The Corolla Cross will be the star of the show during the event, with a special display and demonstration of the vehicle.

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In Pakistan, hybrids are the future of the automobile industry since they can lower fuel consumption by 50% and also reduce the carbon imprint significantly. It will also open the door to technological transfer, GDP growth, employment generation and exports if hybrids are manufactured locally. The fact that 90% of what you see and feel in a Corolla or Yaris is made in Pakistan illustrates the company’s dedication to the country’s economic development.

PAPS is one of the largest exhibitions in the country, and Indus Motor Company is a diamond sponsor of the event. This is an important point to mention. Forge and foundry, plastics and rubbers processing, glass and other materials and electronics processing will all be on display as will the region’s engineering prowess in the form of CNC and special-purpose machines, casting and finishing aluminium, heat treatments, surface treatment in metal processing, metal shaping and stamping sheet metal.