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Friday, February 16, 2024

Pakistan, China and Afghanistan, reach 8-point consensus to promote Afghan peace process

The three foreign ministers held a harmonious and friendly dialogue with in-depth and fruitful discussions and reached eight-point consensus.

According to a report in the CGTN, China’s State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi hosted the fourth trilateral dialogue via video link with Afghan Foreign Minister Mohammad Haneef Atmar and Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi On June 3, 2021.

According to the Chinese Foreign Minister, the three foreign ministers held a harmonious and friendly dialogue with in-depth and fruitful discussions and reached eight-point consensus.

First, China, Afghanistan and Pakistan agree to firmly push forward the peace and reconciliation process in Afghanistan, call on all parties in Afghanistan to cease fire, stop and substantively advance inter-Afghan negotiations, and welcome the Taliban back to the political mainstream. Foreign military forces should withdraw in a responsible and orderly manner. Countries in the region should play a bigger and constructive role in stabilizing the situation in Afghanistan.

Second, the three countries should strengthen political mutual trust, increase exchanges and communication and develop good-neighborly friendship. China will continue to play a positive role in improving and developing relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Third, China and Pakistan reaffirm their firm support for peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan and their readiness to expand economic and trade exchanges with Afghanistan and help the country enhance its capacity for independent development.

Fourth, deepen high-quality cooperation on the “Belt and Road” cooperation, support substantive expansion of cooperation in Afghanistan, and enhance connectivity among the three countries and the region at large.

Fifth, promote trilateral practical cooperation in a flexible manner, carry out more projects to improve people’s livelihood and explore new space for cooperation in such areas as health care and education.

Sixth, continue to strengthen cooperation against the COVID-19 pandemic. China is ready to provide more support to Afghanistan and Pakistan in fighting and defeating the pandemic.

Seventh, strengthen counter-terrorism and security cooperation, oppose “double standards” in fighting terrorism and intensify the fight against ETIM and other terrorist forces.

Eighth, deepen the trilateral foreign ministers’ dialogue mechanism and hold face-to-face dialogue among the three foreign ministers as soon as possible.

As the Taliban, the Afghan government, and the US are jointly working on improving the law and order situation in Afghanistan, there is relentless propaganda spread by the Indian intelligence agencies and war-mongering media to sabotage the peace process.

On October 3, 2020, the Taliban finally named a 21-member delegation for peace talks with the Afghan government. According to Zabiullah Mujahed, the group’s spokesman, the negotiation team has been announced based on a decree by Amirul Mumineen, Taliban chief Mullah Hibat Ullah.

The ongoing status of Afghan talks was disclosed in an interview conducted by Public News Pakistan with Dr Muhammad Naeem, Taliban’s spokesperson of Political Office. Adnan Haider was interested to understand and reveal the crux of the discussion, in addition to whether and why there was a delay in the talks.

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The spokesman said that there are always some “ups and downs” in all discussions, and the same is the case with the Afghan talks. He claimed it is because of these ups and downs that delays happen, and that there is no one in particular who is to be blamed for these delays, nor is there any specific individual who is against the talks, as per his knowledge. “Afghanistan acquiring peace and staying at peace is a win-win situation for everyone. Adopting an Islamic system within Afghanistan is within everyone’s interest. Everyone wants all the problems to end”, guaranteed spokesman Naeem.