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Friday, April 12, 2024

Pakistan counter-terrorism units raid an IS group hideout, kill 11 militants

Pakistan counter-terrorism units raid an IS group hideout in south western district of Baluchistan province and kill 11 militants on Tuesday. IS has regional affiliates in both Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan which is a matter of serious security concern for Pakistan.

On Tuesday, Pakistan’s counter-terrorism units raid an IS group hideout in the restive southwestern Baluchistan province before dawn on Tuesday. The police said that the units set off a shootout that killed 11 militants.

Acting on intelligence, Pakistan’s counter-terrorism units conducted a raid in Mastung district. The IS militants had recently killed two police officers there. The police confiscated hand grenades, suicide belts and assault rifles during the raid.

Pakistan counter-terrorism units efforts against IS presence

The counter-terrorism department provided no further details and the nationality of the slain militants was not immediately known. The counter-terrorism police is a special branch of the police that fights militant groups.

Quetta is the capital of Baluchistan province where IS group has claimed several attacks in recent years. IS has regional affiliates in both Pakistan and neighboring Afghanistan. The regional presence of IS is a serious security concern for Pakistan.

The establishment and law enforcement authorities are working towards strict and tight security measures to prevent IS threat brimming at Pakistan’s borders. Also, Pakistan desires a peaceful political settlement in Afghanistan and an assurance that Afghan soil will not be used as a haven for militants like the IS.

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Pakistan’s counter-terrorism efforts to control Baluchistan’s volatile situation

Baluchistan is also the scene of a low-level insurgency by Baluch separatist groups, which have also targeted non-Baluch laborers. However, unlike IS, they have no history of attacks on the minority Shiite community. The insurgency movements in Baluchistan along with terrorist attacks on people and properties have enabled Pakistan’s counter-terrorism units to become proactive. As Baluchistan is a province filled with ample resources and has the Gwadar Port, safeguarding security in the province to ensure economic prosperity is a vital concern of Pakistan’s counter-terrorism units.

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