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Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Pakistan defeats India’s UNSC permanent membership bid

United States of America is supporting India for its permanent membership to UNSC but with a certain condition.

Pakistan reached a new diplomatic breakthrough at the UN General Assembly by thwarting India’s bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council (UNSC) as a member of group 4.

India’s G-4 group, comprised of Brazil, India, Germany, and Japan, advocated for enlargement in the most powerful body of the United Nations, the Security Council. G-4 members assist one another’s campaigns for permanent UNSC seats. All of these nations desire membership in the UN Security Council. In the absence of two-thirds approval from the UNGA, the accession of these countries into the UNSC is simply not possible, according to a senior Pakistani diplomatic source.

Due to Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts, the UN General Assembly has adopted a resolution on the question of equitable representation on an increase in the membership of the UN Security Council and other related matters, as well as the commitment of the heads of state and government representing the world’s population to inject new life into discussions on reforms of the UN Security Council.

Diplomatic sources characterized the approval of this resolution as an affirmation of Pakistan’s position regarding the continuation of dialogue on UNSC expansion. Pakistan, as a member of the ‘group of consensus,’ urged to the UNGA that there should be more security council seats, but only for two to three years and not permanently, with two seats for Africa, two for Asia, and two for Latin America.

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UFC, sometimes known as the Coffee Club, at the United Nations is a diplomatic move in opposition to the probable extension of permanent seats on the United Nations Security Council. Pakistan is an active participant in Uniting for Consensus under the leadership of Italy (UFC). Italy, Pakistan, Columbia, Turkey, Spain, EU, Malta, Argentina, Mexico, South Korea, and San Marino make up the group.

UNGA adopts resolution on enlarging UNSC membership with equitable representation

The UFC seeks to contest the G4 nations’ demands for permanent seats and is seeking for a consensus before a decision is made on the size and composition of the UNSC.

Diplomatic sources told The Nation that Pakistan persuaded the international body that India does not qualify to be a member of the UN Security Council due to its most egregious human rights abuses and violations of UN Security Council resolutions, and therefore should not be considered for the position.

Interestingly, according to sources, the United States did not support the G-4, of which India is a member, in their bid for UNSC membership.

According to Pakistani diplomatic sources, the United States wanted to support the G-4, but without veto rights, which is unacceptable for the G-4.

Pakistani diplomatic sources have made it clear to the world body that India and Japan cannot represent Pakistan in any capacity if they are granted permanent membership in the UN Security Council.

According to Pakistani sources, Pakistan, as a member of the UFC, is eligible for UNSC membership as its largest contributor to UN peacekeeping, as recognized by the UNGA.

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Pakistan also persuaded the UN General Assembly that, according to the UN Charter, a country with the worst record for peace and security cannot be considered for permanent membership in the UN Security Council, and that India fits this description.