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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Pakistan doesn’t want a war but will fight if India brings it: Imran Khan

Prime Minister Imran Khan, on Thursday, warned that Pakistan does not seek a war with India, but will launch a befitting response to any Indian misadventures. He urged the international community to quit being a bystander, and highlight Indian agenda of ethnic cleansing against the Muslim majority of the Indian-occupied Kashmir

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Prime Minister Imran said that Pakistan does not want war, however, if India plans to undertake another misadventure, Pakistan will provide a befitting response to any war that is imposed on it.

Addressing a gathering of senior journalists and anchorpersons on Thursday, the Prime Minister discussed the ongoing escalations and human rights violations in the occupied Himalayan valley of Kashmir in the aftermath of the revocation of Articles 370 and 35A.

The premier said that Pakistan has decided to approach the United Nations to address the heightened human rights and UNSC violations committed by Indian against the people of Kashmir.

They exploited Pulwama to score a win in the India elections. They have also been lobbying in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to get Pakistan blacklisted.

He stated that Islamabad will unveil the Indian agendas of ethnic cleansing, genocide and the schemes to alter the demography of the Muslim-dominated state of occupied Kashmir in the international community. Imran Khan urged the international community to break its silence and quit being a bystander to the human rights abuses committed by India.

Threat of a False Flag Operation

Prime Minister Imran Khan apprised senior journalists that Islamabad is apprehensive about the possibility of India’s plan to conduct another false flag operation. He noted that the agenda is to create another post-Pulwama situation of escalated tensions in a bid to divert the attention of the international community from the atrocities committed against the people of Indian-occupied Kashmir.

The Premier said, “The threat is serious, and we will have to respond to such an attack. This is how wars are initiated between countries.”

He noted that it appears that India has been rattled into making a hasty decision after the US President Donald Trump’s offer for mediation, which irked the Modi administration into hastily abolishing Kashmir’s special constitutional status.

The premier said that throughout his conversations with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he has reiterated Pakistan’s stance for peace. PM Khan said, “We made multiple efforts to normalize ties with India, but they, (Modi-led government) exploited the scenario. They exploited Pulwama to score a win in the India elections. They have also been lobbying in the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) to get Pakistan blacklisted.”

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He noted that Modi has the mindset of “Hitler” and now, the Indian Premier is following the footsteps of the Nazi leader. Imran Khan said, “The BJP is now deploying the same mechanisms used by the Nazis in Germany. They want to create an India that is dominated by Hindus alone, and they intend to conduct a genocide against Muslims in Kashmir.”

The Premier said that the Indian government’s decision to abolish Article 370 does not benefit the people of the occupied Himalayan valley in any way or form. But in fact, this decision is dominated by the Hindutva ideology of “Hindu Supremacy”, advocated by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), the Hindu organization that regards Muslims as invaders of India.

He noted that the people of Kashmir will launch strong protests and agitations against the decision to abolish their constitutional rights once the curfew is lifted. Imran Khan said, ‘New Delhi has played its last card in Kashmir. They do not have any other option left”.

They have turned this region into jail and incarcerated over 14 million people. 12 people have been mercilessly killed and over a hundred have been injured by the Indian occupation forces in their brutal actions.

Criticizing the Modi administration of making a terrible mistake, Imran Khan said, “By stripping away Kashmir’s special status, Modi has committed a big blunder. This move will give a new momentum to the indigenous Kashmiri struggle for freedom, paving the way for the liberation of the valley.”

All Eyes on Kashmir

Prime Minister Imran Khan noted that the entire world is closely watching the developments in Kashmir, and once the curfew is lifted, India intends to quell the protests with the use of brutal force.

Tweeting from his official account, the premier wrote, “The whole world is waiting to see what happens to oppressed Kashmiris in IOK when curfew is lifted. Does the BJP Govt think by using greater military force against Kashmiris in IOK, it will stop the freedom movement? Chances are it will gain momentum.”

Voicing the apprehensions of a genocide to eliminate the Muslim-majority population of the occupied valley, Imran Khan added, “What should be obvious is the international community will be witnessing the genocide of the Kashmiris in IOK.”

He continued, “Question is: Will we watch another appeasement of fascism, this time in the garb of BJP Govt, or will the international community have the moral courage to stop this from happening?”

Responding to a question on the possibility of an Indian attack and Pakistan’s defense preparations, Dr. Mohammad Faisal, official spokesperson of the Foreign Office, noted that “fear” does not exist in the dictionary of Muslims.

Dr. Faisal said, “We are Muslims. The word “fear” does not exist in our dictionary. We do not fear anyone or anything except Allah.”

The MoFA spokesperson continued, “We should always remember what happened on the 27th of February 2019. We are prepared for any misadventure by the Indians and a potent reply has been given by the National Security Committee’s meeting, yesterday, along with the unanimous Resolution by the Parliament and the forceful speech by the Foreign Minister.”

Stressing that India must reverse its unilateral decision, Dr. Faisal said, “We have a clear position that India should pay heed to the grievances of the Kashmiris and no unilateral and arbitrary decisions should be taken. Indians have imposed a curfew across the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.”

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Dr. Faisal stressed that the resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir dispute lies solely in the UNSC resolutions, and the Prime Minister has also highlighted that this dispute remains a “grave threat to regional peace and stability. The FO spokesperson said, “They have turned this region into jail and incarcerated over 14 million people. 12 people have been mercilessly killed and over a hundred have been injured by the Indian occupation forces in their brutal actions.”

Former President Gen Pervez Musharraf commended Prime Minister Imran Khan’s stance against the Modi administration’s agenda of altering the demographics of the Muslim-majority region of occupied Kashmir. Gen Musharraf said, “Establishing Hindu settlements is a nefarious act to change the fabric of Kashmir from Muslim majority to Hindu majority. PM Imran khan & Pak Military has set the right tone; I know they will do whatever it takes to prevent these unlawful settlements to ever become a reality.”