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Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Pakistan flags hoisted in Azerbaijan as gratitude for support against Armenian aggression

Viral pictures show people of Azerbaijan put up Pakistani flags outside their homes in a heartwarming expression of gratitude for support against Armenia.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev earlier this week thanked the government of Pakistan for expressing solidarity with his country during the ongoing conflict with Armenia.

In a viral video, the president lauded Pakistan for proclaiming support for the country against Armenian aggression.

He said his country was going through a testing time. The president added that the ongoing conflict with Armenia was a litmus test that will determine ‘who is who’. “A meaningfull support coming from brotherly countries is crucial for Azerbaijan to defend itself and fight the case against Armenia globally,” he said. He expressed these while meeting the newly appointed Ambassador of Pakistan, Bilal Hayee, to Azerbaijan on Tuesday.

He added that the countries that stood by Azerbaijan offered tantamount, genuine, and real support. He thanked Turkey and Pakistan for principally standing with the country during the conflict.

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In his interview, Aliyev said he wished to convey his greetings to the leadership of both Turkey and Pakistan for extending support to the people of Azerbaijan. He reiterated to continue brotherly relations with both the countries in the near future since both these countries have taken a firm stance on the issue. In his conclusive remarks, President Aliyev, said “we will never forget” the support of Pakistan and Turkey.

Meanwhile, pictures of people of Azerbaijan expressing gratitude to Pakistan with heartwarming expressions circulated on social media on Thursday. Images of people of Azerbaijan putting up flags of Turkey and Pakistan in the balconies of their homes went viral on social media.

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A Twitter user from Azerbaijan posted the screenshots of messages of solidarity she received from Pakistani Twitter users. Ambassador of Azerbaijan to Pakistan, Ali Alizada, last month shared the videos of Pakistani flags being raised with flags of Turkey and Azerbaijan in the streets of district Tovuz- the battleground of Armenia and Azerbaijan.

“Amb.@Ali_F_Alizadato @cbctvaz:Pakistani people and government show great solidarity with Azerbaijan against #ArmenianProvocation and #aggression.

“We daily receive a lot messages and letters of support from our Pakistani brothers&sisters! #Pakistan4Azerbaijan,” wrote the Embassy of Azerbaijan on Twitter today.