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Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Pakistan Foreign Office hits hard on Indian support to terrorism

In an unprecedented move, Pakistan Foreign Office released a dossier on Indian state's support to terror outfits across Pakistan. - blaming directly PM Modi for it. Details of funding amounts, routes, terror outfits and links with key Indian officials was shared with the media and the world.

In an unprecedented step, Pakistan Foreign Office, issued a detailed dossier on Indian support to terror outfits across Pakistan. Dossier provides details of several attacks, names of terror outfits and commanders receiving funding and directions from Indian intelligence operatives. Names or code names of many Indian officials were disclosed, some were referred to with names withheld.

A joint presser by Pakistan’s Foreign Minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and DG ISPR, Gen. Iftikhar Babar, accused Indian PM, Narendra Modi of directly running a covert cell against CPEC projects in Pakistan. This Anti-CPEC cell in the office of Indian PM was created in 2015, with an initial funding of US $500 million (Rs. 80 billion). This cell, operating from Pakistan’s neighbouring countries, has spent around US $60 million in creating a force of 700 guerrillas and agents to target CPEC related projects.

Attacks on Pearl Continental Hotel, Gawadar, Karachi Stock Exchange and other sites were coordinated by this cell directly managed from the office of Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. A brief printed dossier will also be shared with media – however the actual dossier to be shared with the UN and P-5 countries is much larger and has huge details.

Dossier on Indian support to terrorist outfits

Qureshi, Pakistan’s FM, accused Narendra Modi government of using terror outfits to create political unrest and destabilisation across Pakistan.

Foreign Minister, repeatedly mentioned Baluchistan, Karachi, erstwhile FATA (now KP), AJK and GB. He and later DG ISPR said that they have irrefutable intelligence collected information of Indian plans to create terror attacks in the cities of Karachi, Lahore and Peshawar and that there were plans to target political rallies across GB during the current elections. Elections in GB are being held on Nov 15. According to DG ISPR, all key political leaders were briefed on the Indian plans and security was reinforced to maximum levels.

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Joint presser gave facts and information that must have been collected over several months if not years. Much relevant information was about Karachi and how MQM under Alftaf Hussain kept receiving funding from the Indian intelligence agency, RAW. Presser pointed out that intelligence work is difficult and not every transaction can be traced. However it referred to financial transactions about which solid evidence now exists about amounts, routes and dates. For instance MQM Altaf Hussain was being financed, at one point, through two Indian companies (JVGT and Paras Jewellery) via Britain and received at least US $3.23 million through this route alone. (more than £ 2.45 million, sterlings)

Audio tapes of terrorists directed by Indian Agency officials 

During Joint Press Conference, audio tapes of conversations between terror outfits (both religious and ethnic sub-nationalists) and Indian Agency operatives were played. Not only this but intercepted written communications in Dari and English were displayed. In one instance a video tutorial sent by an Indian agency operative to a terrorist inside Pakistan was played. Video tutorial had explained step by step how to use a walkie-talkie to blow up an IED.

Presser informed how Indian agencies had been directing terrorists for key assassinations of political, religious and civic leadership and offering financial rewards for successful execution of assassinations, suicide bombings and blowing up IED. A Rs. 10 million reward was usually settled for suicide bombings and targeted suicides. Lesser financial rewards like Rs. 1 million was offered for simply blowing up an IED. Much of that corresponded with the strategic thinking Ajit Doval had lectured about before becoming the NSA in 2014.

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Many wonder why such information was not released earlier -especially after the arrest of key RAW agent, Commander Kulbhashan Jhadav, in early 2016. Others point out that the then PM, Nawaz Sharif had not permitted this. When Jhadav was arrested, PM Nawaz Sharif had not even allowed the then Interior Minister, Chaudhry Nisar, to sit with the DG ISPR for a press briefing.

Today’s briefing was attended mostly by Pakistani media. But Foreign Minister informed that “Dossier” titled, “Indian Efforts to Destabilise Pakistan” has been shared with the UN and the P-5 countries that means the US, Russia, China, UK and France. P-5 is a term to refer to the permanent members of UN Security Council who have veto power.