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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Pakistan-Japan MoU: Hundreds of Employment Opportunities for Pak Labor

A bright opportunity opens for the Pakistani labor force, providing hundreds of employment opportunities in Japan. Japan, facing the labor shortage because of its mainly aged population, presents a chance for the Pakistani labor community to thrive.

Pakistan and Japan have agreed to sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the export of skilled manpower to Japan.

Japan has decided to open the labor market in 14 different sectors including construction, nursing care, manufacturing, agriculture, and light engineering and many more, Minister and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Japan in Pakistan, Yusuke Shindo told local media. The MOU is expected to be signed between the two countries by next month in November.

The senior diplomat asserted that Japan intends on importing 500,000 blue-collar workers from all over the world to Japan over five years by 2025 and further enhance this by 2030. This law, that was functional as of 1 April of this year, creates two new categories of visas for blue-collar workers and semi-skilled workers in 14 sectors as Japan was facing a labor crunch.

We need to exports skilled labor from the Pakistan India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other Association of South East Asian Nations (ASAIN)

He asserted that Japan has opened doors for foreign workers from different countries to undertake a policy initiative to alleviate problems caused by its rapidly growing old population of more than 60.

He said that in the current scenario because of the gray population consisting of people aged above 60, Japan is facing a labor shortage. “We need to exports skilled labor from Pakistan India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other Association of South East Asian Nations (ASAIN)”, he said. He added that professional skills and proficiency in the Japanese language would be must for workers to work in Japan under this policy.

He lauded the existing Pakistani community in Japan, asserting that the Pakistani workers who are working in Japan are highly skilled and working with commitment and honesty.

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He said that Japan and Pakistan have historically enjoyed diplomatic and economic relations, where Japan has always supported Pakistan in every situation. Shindo said Japan has major exports in Pakistan in the automobile sector including Motor Car and Vehicles, Flat Steel, Tractors, and transport.

He added that Japan imports mainly in agriculture including Cotton Yawn, Oils, Knitwear’s, Cotton fabric and woven cotton fabric.