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Thursday, February 15, 2024

Pakistan may attack India through coronavirus infected men via Nepal

Fixated with Pakistan, Indian media makes bizarre claims about a possible attack from Pakistan-not with guns and bullets but with coronavirus. The unfounded assertions of Indian media garnered mockery from Pakistani Twitter users.

India fears Pakistan will infiltrate coronavirus infected men through Nepal to spread the virus in the country. Bihar Police has made these bizarre claims amid the health emergency of coronavirus swiftly sweeping across India.

The Sashtra Seema Bal (SSB), the force deployed at Indo-Nepal border has penned down a letter to Champaran SP and District Magistrate and informed them about the racket operated from Nepal plotting to spread coronavirus in the country.

The letter states a resident in Nepal is trying to send Muslim men diagnosed with coronavirus through the Bihar border. Also, Pakistani virus-infected men may infiltrate through the Indo-Nepal border.

The Patna DGP Gupteshwar Pandey says he has informed all the concerned authorities about a possible infiltration from Nepal.

“I had talked to the Inspector General of the SSB. All the SPs of the districts bordering Nepal have been alerted about the possibility of infiltration attempts being carried out by intruders based out of Nepal. The SSB is deployed at the border. We have our police personnel also deputed at the border. To date, there is no information that anybody has infiltrated from the Nepal border,” he said.

He further said that despite reports, the intruders will not be able to enter India since the Indo-Nepal border has been completely sealed to stop the spread of coronavirus. Added that even inter-state commute is also halted because the borders are sealed.

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“In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, a nationwide lockdown has been imposed. Not only international borders but state borders and district borders are sealed as well. Nobody from Nepal can enter India, no one from Uttar Pradesh can enter Bihar and nobody can enter Patna from outside. Anyone who is trying to breach the lockdown, we will immediately arrest him,” DGP Pandey said.”

India has already blamed Pakistan for infiltrating terrorists in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K). It claims that the Pakistan Army is taking advantage of the crisis of coronavirus and pushing militants into J&K. A few days ago, the Pakistan Army claimed to have shot down an Indian surveillance drone on LOC that had crossed 600 meters in Pakistan’s territory.

Meanwhile, the Indian Army repudiated these claims and instead said that the heightened ceasefire violations by Pakistan were a cover to help militants from Pakistan-backed militant groups infiltrate Jammu and Kashmir, as some troops are busy in running health camps and distributing foods in the fight against coronavirus.